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The Nazi era is not only the most devastating example of the complete suppression of human rights, it was quite intimately tied to psychiatry. In actual fact, psychiatry was the most powerful and driving influence behind  Nazism.

It is commonly believed that Hitler ordered the mass execution, including cruel human experimentation, of Jews, gypsies and homosexuals during World War ll. Although just as responsible, he did not order that dark turning point in history, he simply signed his consent.

It was actually psychiatrists who initiated and carried it all out on such a massive scale. Nazis were the first in history to use extermination camps and all done with such chilling organization.

The two main areas that psychiatrists concentrated on were sterilization and euthanasia. They were responsible for reporting these “patients” over to the authorities and from there, to the gas chambers, killing over 200,000 people deemed mentally ill. These included many thousands of feeble-minded children. The real intention was to rid the master race of “undesirables.”

Psychiatry expanded their vast control by broadening the definition of mental illness to include political disobedience. Thus, psychiatry became a tool of and ally to the government, particularly the Nazi-controlled regime.

Once a person was labeled mentally ill due to some involvement in a political disturbance or disagreement, he could be sent away to a mental institution indefinitely and, of course, without a trial. What better way to squash the right to defend oneself or reveal some injustice, especially since one is now “crazy”?

Psychiatry’s abuse of political power is not limited to WW 11 in Germany. Dr. Peter R. Breggin, MD says: “In the period from the 1960s up to 1986, abuse of psychiatry for political purposes was reported to be systematic in the Soviet Union and occasional in other Eastern European countries such as Romania, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia.”

In a documentary entitled “The Age of Fear: Psychiatry’s Reign of Terror,” one can see the story of mass murder orchestrated by psychiatry and implemented by Nazism during WW 11. In this film, it is also revealed that these suppressive acts are still being done today, even in the United States. History does repeat itself.

Not only that but these horrific psychiatrists were able to escape punishment, hide out in society and restructure psychiatry into what it is today – a continuation, somewhat modernized, of the same oppression, now centered around electroshock and psychiatric drugs.

In Natural News, Mike Adams details hundreds of human experiments conducted on the usual victims – the poor, the elderly, mental patients, etc. during the holocaust and over the years since. I.G Farben, German pharmaceutical company, made use of concentration camp victims to conduct dangerous and fatal drug experiments and were the creators of the deadly gas that killed holocaust victims.

Today, human experimentation continues along the same lines of society – the poor, the feeble, minority groups, etc. These victims are not always properly informed of the possible side effects for fear they will back out. Or the consent form immigrants are given can’t be read because they don’t speak English.

Robert Whitaker, the author of  “Mad in America” says: “The number of adults, ages 18 to 65, on the federal disability rolls due to mental illness jumped from 1.25 million in 1987 to four million in 2007. Roughly one in every 45 working-age adults is now on government disability due to mental illness. This epidemic has now struck our nation’s children, too. The number of children who receive a federal payment because of a severe mental illness rose from 16,200 in 1987 to 561,569 in 2007, a 35-fold increase.”

What do these drugs cause? In a disturbing amount of cases – depression, suicide, obesity, confusion, paranoia, suicide and murder; exactly what they are supposed to prevent. Adding insult to injury, the fact is psychiatry, to this day, has never been able to define mental illness.

According to the late Dr.Thomas Szasz, psychiatrist, in his famous book, “The Myth of Mental Illness,” there is no such thing as mental illness.

In Natural News, an article entitled, “New Obamacare regulation calls for free sterilization for all college women,” says even religious colleges will be forced to provide access to this service. Is that a stone’s throw from mandatory sterilization of “certain” members of society?

According to “Psychiatry, an Industry of Death,” this false profession exists to promote and support totalitarianism by drugging as many people as possible, especially those who oppose any part of the government, to use electro-shock and make every one a dependent, obedient slave.

This doesn’t have to happen again, once we make the connection and refuse to allow psychiatry to continue its oppression through the worship of Nazism.

Written by Lucille Femine


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  1. During World warII,this was popular,but I dont think seriously mentally ill people lives are in danger! Although Jeremy reuling,that works in the city of white plains show a concern it says he became a doctor,director legally by studing in collge or universties but Did I tell you some people lie to get good jobs!

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