Nelson Mandela and the South African People’s Narrative


Several South African citizens have expressed their opinion and insight into this whole Nelson Mandela health speculation especially since his admission to the hospital on June 8. It is almost three months since the famed Nelson Mandela was admitted for a serious lung infection. People have kept up with all the reports of his health condition simply because they love him. However, concerns among citizens keep the speculations rife, as no visitors besides his family and government officials have been allowed into the hospital.

People wonder if the express fear of allowing independent people into the hospital would reveal what they fear, based on different media reports. Is he dead and kept alive on machines or is he genuinely on the way to recovery? Several members of the community have suggested that since the reports are currently stating that there is an improvement, they want his family to record a short note from him to the nation. Let us hear his voice, or allow a nominated responsible person permission to see the Icon for a few minutes. This would certainly stop the rumors and give credence to the Mandela family and the government.

Since his hospital admission in June, citizens have raised their concerns and what follows are a few of the Nelson Mandela public opinion voices.

Story number one
Nelson Mandela has expressed that he does not want to go the Heaven. The one the Christian Missionaries preach from the Bible… He wants to go to his ancestors who live under the ground.
To raise those spirits, the tribesmen and tribes women stamp their feet on the ground. When a grave is dug, they are VERY careful not to hit the ground with picks and spades and shovels, in case these spirits are aroused and made angry.
In addition, the spades and shovels are turned towards the ground when not in use, near the grave. The “open” point is facing downwards.

Chaka got his impetus to stomp the land to raise the spirits at times of war. In addition, warriors were promised Heaven above if they die in battle. Herbs of various kinds, including dagga, were taken before a battle. Phezulu Ezulwini. Etc

Each tribe had its own custom and taboos, so Westerners have NO idea what is going on! Please tell them they are simply ignorant.

Mandela is not going to Heaven.

Story number two

This, what I posted below, just about says it all!
They know he is rotting in his grave.
When will they announce his official death?
It takes someone more trustworthy than Mac Maharaj to take this matter firmly.
There has been one thing worrying me.
On SAfm, today, 25 August 2013, on Sunday Play.
An African young female asks a white woman.
“Do you love Mandela?”
The answer was “Yes”.

“How do you benefit from Nelson Mandela being released from prison, and after you benefited from Apartheid?”
She could not answer. Not particularly well, as she only gave a few benefits.

All the Blacks around these two erupted in applause. They knew they had the advantage.
Poor girl, she had to get out, away. . !

If they do not announce Mandela’s death today, 26 August 2013, then they will never announce it.
All the ceremonies have been done. His body is now in its secret location. Rituals are completed at his home in Transkei. So what else do they have to do?

Why do they have to tell the world everything? Anything?

The naive world believes that Mandela has to free them. They cannot do it by themselves. Why not? Why can’t they free themselves?
Incapable of doing anything?

I know those in the catering industry who have signed contracts to cater for all those who come to his funeral. Those contracts were signed shortly after 2000.
They are still waiting. They (who signed) might get older and die, and still no official announcement made about Mandela?

The news media, too, have signed. Write a cartoon on this!

The above stories are real concerns from citizens of South Africa, and other comments and notes are always received which demonstrate the frustration of people from not being told the truth. People express a desire for truth, and it is a sad fact that manipulation is part of the product from the government, after all they do not want to create a panic.
Perhaps the truth will never be known.

Written by Laura Oneale

5 Responses to "Nelson Mandela and the South African People’s Narrative"

  1. Graeme   September 5, 2013 at 6:26 am

    What a load of rubbish. If diatribe described diarrhea of the brain and putting pen to paper, that would be diatribe. I’m a South African, a real one, and everything mentioned above is a not a concern to anybody with an ounce of common sense.
    You seem to have difficulty distinguishing the difference between fact and fiction, you really should keep your sensationalist rubbish to yourself.

  2. Clive   September 3, 2013 at 5:25 am

    Laura, it is people like you who do not want to see peace in this land, you are provoking emotions, why?

  3. Landi Bezuidenhout   September 2, 2013 at 9:14 am

    sounds like you quit jealous, because you aren’t a journalist…

  4. Michael Tours   September 2, 2013 at 8:54 am

    Laura, you’ve the egg on your face is has now lodged itself in your brain.

    No one even reads any of your nonsense anymore, they just skip to the comments to have a laugh …

    Your futile attempt at journalism has exposed you as a simple blogger with a simpleton opinion that quite frankly no one gives a toss about.


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