Nicole Kidman: Marmalade Paparazzi and Money

Nicole Kidman: Marmalade Paparazzi and Money

Nicole Kidman: Marmalade Paparazzi and Money

Nicole Kidman was knocked out of one high-heeled shoe by a paparazzi on a bike after a fashion show on Friday the 13th. While she was more than a little upset at the time, besides shouting “Ow, ow” a couple of times and hollering about pressing charges, she soon calmed down after it turned out to be an honest accident. But with all that money she will be making as the nemesis to a little marmalade sandwich eating teddy bear in her upcoming film it sounds like a case of marmalade, paparazzi and money to us.

Luckily Ms Kidman wasn’t seriously injured by the photographer who lost control of his bicycle on Friday. She suffered a little bruising to her dignity on top of revealing that she had forgotten to take the sales sticker off of the sole of one extremely high heeled shoe. But showing the world that she is a class act, she opted not to press charges after she had added to her “ow” something along the lines of taking legal action.

Apart from getting plowed into by overenthusiastic paparazzi, news has emerged that the 43 year-old star has teamed up with Colin Firth, Julie Walters and Jim Broadbent for a live action film about Paddington Bear. The little fellow made his world debut way back in 1958 as the small Peruvian bear with his blue raincoat, red rain-hat and wellies (galoshes) who winds up in London and is taken in by an English family. The little bear loves marmalade sandwiches and has been a firm favourite in England for years, with over 20 books about Michael Bond’s creation.

The live action film features Firth as the voice of Paddington and Nicole Kidman plays an evil taxidermist who wants to stuff Paddington with something other than marmalade sandwiches. Since she is playing a “baddie” Kidman can channel all that paparazzi anger into her role. While her salary for the film has not been revealed, as she is one of Hollywoods biggest earners, the money would have to be pretty good.

According to the press release of producer David Heyman, the film will premiere November 2014. Heyman also revealed in the statement the plot behind the film as well as the fact that he is pleased and excited to be the man behind the little bear’s live action debut.

Apart from Paddington’s blue coat and red wellies, he also sports a tag around his neck that reads: “Please look after this bear. Thank you.” The family see him at the train station and at the same time that Paddington is spied by the kind family who take him in, he is spotted by museum taxidermist Kidman who has a problem with bears.

The plot synopsis sounds like fun and we cannot wait to hear Colin Firth’s voice come out of the little bears mouth! Firth, who won an Oscar for his King George in The King’s Speech has said that his Paddington will have a touch of Peruvian in his voice. It also sounds like the little sandwich loving bear will resemble the 53 year-old actor in the face as Firth has been setting for motion capture sessions of his face while saying his lines.

Filming starts this month and all the other characters will be human apart from the CG generated Paddington. Hopefully Nicole Kidman did not suffer any injuries that could delay her role in the film. When we heard the news that Ms Kidman would be in the Paddington Bear film, we immediately thought of the Andy Williams song, Marmalade, Molasses and Honey. We think they should rework the song to be Marmalade, Paparazzi and Money. Nicole could sing it and we reckon it would have a chance at number one. What do you think, too much?

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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