Pakistan Peoples Party to hold Intra-Party Elections

This step by the party was expected after its dismal performance in the May 11, 2013, general elections

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In an expected move, the provincial chapter of the Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP), Khyber Pakhtunkhawa (KP), under the chairmanship of Liaqat Shabab, a prominent provincial leader of PPP , held a special meeting, during which it was decided to disband all the party committees at the ward  and the division levels. This step was taken to ensure that new  intra-party elections were held before the upcoming local bodies polls. These intra-body polls, according to Liaquat Shabab, would brighten the chances of PPP in winning the local bodies polls.

The  meeting started by offering of “fatiah” for those who died in the Charsadda bomb attack on Friday.  During this attack by the militants nineteen people, including three women died, while forty six sustained serious injuries. Majority of those killed and injured in this bomb blast, were employees of the civil secretariat, Peshawar.

Liaquat Shabab, was critical of  Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf’s (PTI) government in maintaining law and order in the province. He was aided in this meeting by top provincial leaders of the party in KP, namely  Zulfiqar Afghani, Ayub Shah and Shazia Aurangzeb.

The agenda of this special meeting, which was held at the Peshawar Press Club, was to re-evaluate PPP’s poor performance in the recent general elections and to hold intra-party polls before local bodies elections, announced to be held in a couple of months time.

In order, not to repeat the poor performance in the general elections, it was unanimously decide to disband the old set up and to replace it with new leadership from the grass roots to the divisional levels.

At this meeting, five conveners were nominated to look after the internal affairs of the party in KP. The names of the nominated office bearers are Azam Khan Afridi, for Peshawar; Shamroze Khan, for Hazara; Ahmad Hassan Khan, for Malakand;  Sher Alam Wazir, for Bannu and Abdul Samad Khan, for Mardan. All of these leaders are old  PPP loyalists.

The moot also passed a resolution, reposing complete trust in the provincial and the federal office bearers of the PPP. The services rendered by Anwar Saifullah Khan, the provincial president of PPP, KP were especially lauded by all the participants. These leaders in their speeches declared that the PPP would continue to evolve and increase its popularity among the masses, under his able leadership.

Liaquat Shabab, on behalf of Anwar Saifullah Khan, the provincial president  of PPP, Khyber Pakhtunkhawa, authorized all the newly nominated conveners for the five divisions of KP, not only to hold intra-party elections but also to finalize the list of candidates who are to take part in the local bodies elections.

Furthermore, Liaquat Shabab was confident of the political acumen of the recent nominees to make PPP more popular among the masses of the province than the other parties in the field. He was of the firm view that under their leadership, the party would comfortably win the upcoming local bodies polls, as the people of  KP were disappointed big time, with PTI’s government headed by Chief Minister Pervaiz Khattak.

PTI government’s inability to stop the terrorists from attacking sensitive targets, like the hundred and thirty years old All Saint’s Church, at Kohati Gate, in Peshawar is a glaring example of the inefficiency and incompetence. He added that the provincial government has completely failed in controlling the daily deteriorating law and order situation in the province.

Liaquat Shabab reiterated his trust in the nominees and their ability to hold free and fair intra-party elections of PPP in KP.

Writtenof  By: Iftikhar Tariq Khanzada.

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