Police Search for Missing NV Teen Charged with Family Murders [video]

Henderson Community in Shock

Missing Four DaysMissing Nevada teen, Adrian Navarro-Canales, was originally thought to be a victim after his mother and brother were found dead in their apartment last week. Upon further investigation the teen has now become a primary suspect.

The boy’s mother, Elvira, and brother, Cesar, were both found stabbed to death on Friday according to the Henderson Police Department. The police immediately began looking for Adrian who at the time was thought to be a victim.

A friend and relative became seriously concerned and called law enforcement after Elvira didn’t show up at work and couldn’t be reached by phone.

After further investigation the detectives learned that Cesar, Adrian’s younger brother, had not been to school since Tuesday.

KLAS reported that the family had thrown a small party in their Henderson apartment on Monday evening for Adrian’s 16th birthday.

A judge signed a warrant for arrest on Monday charging Adrian as an adult on two counts of murder. Adrian has been missing since the bodies were located and detectives believe they have probable cause to arrest the teen. They have not released their reasoning but he is charged in connection with his 40-year-old mother’s death as well as his 9-year-old brother’s death.

Cesar was found in the bathtub inside the apartment and Elvira was close by with the knife still in the center of her chest.

Elvira’s niece said they are still searching for answers. She said it’s as if a piece of her was ripped away. Her aunt was more like a best friend than an aunt. She was her friend and confident was taken from her and now that her aunt is gone she has no one to talk to or trust.

The community is shocked by the deaths; this is not an area used to that type of violence.

Neighbor, Rochelle Richards, said she is spooked out. She doesn’t necessarily feel endangered but just freaked out that a double homicide happened right next door to her.

According to the affidavit for the warrant, the coroner has estimated the victims to have been killed in their apartment on Tuesday night. Law enforcement believes the teen stayed in the apartment with his dead relatives until the bodies were found.

The father continues to issue pleas for his son to return.

Police are asking anyone who has seen or heard from Adrian Navarro-Canales to call 911 immediately.



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)