Sleepy Hollow: Blood Moon Review

Sleepy Hollow: Premiere Review

Fox’s new show seems to be keeping up with its promise so far. It is an interesting blend of campy, sometimes horrible, dialogue and creepy horror elements. The show is actually very well done. Here we are talking about the show so far since Sleepy Hollow’s second episode, “Blood Moon.”

It was a happy surprise to see how the show premiered and was a lot for one episode to contain. I can understand the writers rush to set the scene to get right into the story and they push that without making it too hard to take.

This episode slows down the pace, but only slightly, from the first one. Ichabod (Tom Mison) is in contact with his wife, and friendly neighborhood witch, Katrina (Katia Winter), that tells him of another witch being brought back from the dead. Andy Dunn (John Cho) returns from the dead to help resurrect this evil witch and ends up disappearing after the fact, supposedly to continue to be the human contact for the demon trying to raise the horsemen.

The show is very good and the dialogue between Ichabod and Abby Mills (Nicole Beharie), even if it is really campy, is a lot of fun. It grows on you are time goes on and, at some point, the batter between the two main protagonists becomes a loved part of the show.

I agree with Conor Higgins, who writes for the Washingtontimes, in that this show is a great merger of campy dialogue and horror movie-esk elements. We see that much more clearly in this episode as we find out more about the witches. Not to mention, the many scenes with creeky dead, or recently undead, people in the back ground disappearing just as other characters turn around.

It seems that Lt Mills is starting to believe a bit more and trusting in the unfolding supernatural events. Even having a conversation with her dead mentor, who died at the beginning of the opening episode, does not seem to phase her quite so much. It can be hard to continue to deny when you keep seeing things that shouldn’t “be possible.” Crane confesses in this episode that he was like her, until General Washington brought him into the war and he could no longer afford to be skeptical. It sets up an interesting dynamic between the two main characters.

In the first episode I thought it would be something more like Mulder and Skully from X-Files, but now I am starting to see it is a bit different. It is more like Ichabod is further down the rabbit hole than Abby and Abby is how Ichabod used to be. Which sets up a dynamic that is much more sympathetic as well as stern. “I’ve gone through this already, get over it,” kind of feel from Crane a times, which helps move the story forward.

We discover that Katrina was a part of the “good” coven of witches and helped defeat, or at least weaken, the “bad” ones. Not to mention that it seems that Katrina is trapped somewhere, which may imply she could be freed. More strings to move forward on.

Regardless as to what you might think, this is a good show. The story is strong, the character development is going very well, and everything is only a shade or two beyond the believable. All of which makes a strong series. The question from here on will be simple, “can they keep it up?”


Written by: Iam Bloom

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