Pope Francis Flip-Flops on Abortion

Pope Francis

Even though yesterday Pope Francis was quoted in an interview urging the church to put less emphasis on rules and more on mercy – especially when it comes to issues like gay rights and abortion – he seemed to flip-flop today, delivering a strong message to a group of Catholic gynecologists regarding the sacredness of life; not just because of their faith, but because of “reason and science.”

In his talk, he condemned abortion as being based on a “widespread mentality of profit” and a “throwaway culture” which eliminates any who are physically or socially weaker.

The Pope described abortion as problem of social justice, linking together the unborn, the poor and the elderly as all being especially vulnerable.

He also told the group of physicians that they face a “paradoxical” situation in their profession where medical science has given them the ability to heal disease even while they are being encouraged to have less respect for life.

The Pope further told the assembled group that they have a responsibility to spread the pro-life message, no matter what the personal cost or the pressure that they might face.

The Pope’s flip-flop on abortion is thought by some to be his way of extending an olive branch to more conservative church members who may have been offended by his earlier message.

Written by:  Nancy Schimelpfening

Catholic News Service


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