Red Flag Benton County for Bullying


In Benton County, and your own, stand up and 'red flag' the schools or school districts that are not cracking down on bullying

Every where you turn, you hear about kids being the target in some sort of act of bullying. In the county where I live, bullying is at an all time high. The local school district states that it has a ‘no-bullying Policy’, yet there have been many instances in which bullying has been allowed. The scary thing is, some of the staff at a local jr. high school, have not only allowed the bullying, they have made excuses for the bullies, and as to why protocol could not be followed for the bullies to be held accountable for their actions. Help me stand up and ‘red flag’ counties like Benton County, if bullying is an issue in your school district or county, and it’s not being taken seriously.

At a local jr. high there are staff members, yes more than one, who have made numerous excuses on numerous occasions for why the bullies have acted out, or why they couldn’t punish the bullies properly, or make them accountable for their actions. Should the bully who has been mentally and/or physically damaging to another child be allowed to stay at school if they continue to bully some one? How about if that bully repeatedly bullies your child? One mom heard the following excuse, from a jr. high school staff, “his home life isn’t good, if we send him home he’ll be in an unsafe situation.” How is that fair for your child? Another mom heard,”do you have any proof?” We need visible proof to be able to do any thing about it.” Some one also heard, “has your child tried confronting him/her?” Why would the person getting bullied, especially numerous times, confront his/her bully? Especially when your child has already seen that the bully can get away with just about anything?!?

During the 2012-13′ school year, a child at a local jr. high school was forced to do home schooling for the last 4 months of school, call the police department more than once for excessive harassment and stalking, because of how severe the bullying at her school had gotten. This child had reported the bullying going on to a teacher, a counselor, the assistant principle, and principle. Some of which she had reported several instances of physical and mental bullying going on by several other students, both on school grounds and off, and through cyber bullying. On one instance, the child reported to a school official of having 4 people with balls corner her and repeatedly threw all the balls at her. The school official told her she was going to lunch and to write down what had happened, on a piece of paper and leave it on her desk. To make things worse, the official never even checked on the student to see if things were ok. A situation like this happened several times through out the school year until the child started home schooling in February of 2013. The child who was getting bullied ended up with stomach ulcers, night terrors, social/peer anxiety, and loss of trust of the people at the place where we are supposed to feel safe, ‘school.’ Now she has to take a city bus to a different school district every morning, getting up at 4:30am.

Every where you look there is some one broad casting about some sort of school violence, a suicide, or school shooting. A student at a local high school showed me video of 2 students recording themselves kicking a specific pair of students while they walked down the hall. The two students getting kicked, asked over and over to leave them alone. The two doing the kicking continued, and starting yelling at the pair. One of the boys then got kicked to the ground. While on the ground, he got kicked repeatedly in the stomach. Then the two said it would be worse next time. The whole time the video is running, there are a lot of students in the halls, and a few staff members. Some in the hall laughed, some just walked by. The disturbing thing is that NO one tried to stop this incident, the whole time it went on. The video even made it onto Facebook, and was online for almost 2 days before anything was done about it. How has what used to be one of our ‘safe’ places to go, turn into a ‘House of Horrors’? You would think after there being ‘any’ student suicides, the schools would actually honor and follow through with the No-Bully policy. The local high school where the two boys got kicked in the busy halls, had a student from it commit suicide in 2010, due to bullying. And this was not the first student suicide due to bullying, in this high schools district.

To think, I live in one of the safest cities in my state, and in the U.S. I do not want to fathom the idea that every school district has these problems. You never hear about the problems going on at a school about bullying, and other peer issues until it is too late. In too late I mean that some one has already done some thing catastrophic because of school and cyber bullying. We have gone from 2 school shooting incidents in 1996 with no death’s, to 10 school shootings incidences in 2012. Of the 10 school shootings in 2012, 41 were killed and 13 were wounded. So far, 2013 is following the pattern of drastically rising school shootings. Just in January of 2013, there were already 8 school shootings. Not only have we grown in the number of school shootings, the numbers are rising in the number of people shot and injured or killed per incident. These numbers and more can be found at the following.…18…/a-rapid-increase-in-school-shootings-in-2013

Please, even if you just hear a rumor about bullying or possible school violence, report it, as soon as possible. Do not let any more kids suffer from harassment, or bullies. Do not let any more families loose their children because the local school do not want to take the matter into their own hands and actually deal with it. In Benton County, and your own, stand up and ‘red flag’ the schools or school districts that are not cracking down on bullying. Let every one know that we will NOT stand for any form of bullying or violence in schools or through social media!

Written By: Crystal Ervin

The Trumpet