Intensifying Earth Quakes

It seems like in the past few years, earth quakes are doing nothing but intensifying in not only quality of strength, but in quantity of strong earth quakes as well. Over the previous years you may have noticed quite a few more earth quakes not only in the U.S., but also through out the world. […]

Influenza Vaccine, a Miracle Drug Coming

Every year sees a growing number of people contracting, and dying, from the flu. Scientists have constantly been trying to come up with a “miracle drug” to combat influenza. This year, doctors are already saying to schedule your flu shot early, and are speculating a bad year for this flu season. There’s speculation of a […]

Tim Tebow Hype

Tim Tebow Hype

Why all the Tim Tebow hype? As football fans, we want to see details about every team, not just the ones Tebow played on. We want to know how every player is doing, not just him.  Every now and then a sports player comes along, that has shown in college years, they are good enough […]

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