Suicides Not Just for the Young and Old


Suicide rates have been substantially rising over the last several years at alarming rates. According to ‘Statistic Brain’, suicides are the third leading cause of death among 10-24 year olds in the US. ‘The Center for Disease Control’ posted an article stating that 1 in 12 people have tried to commit suicide and 1 in 6 have seriously considered committing suicide. And according to ‘Statistic Brain’ 81% of those suicide death’s were males. Not only that, it seems that suicide is on the rise for the middle aged demographic, showing that is may not just be for the young and old any more.

No matter what the suicide rates are or how you break them down, the rate of teen suicide will always be alarming. The CDC just put out a report stating that the teen suicide has gone up from 6.3% to 7.8%, just in the last 12 months. Although suicide death’s were thought to mainly affect teens and the elderly, the increase among ALL age groups having risen at alarming rates. From 1999-2010, 35-65 year olds who committed suicide rose 30%. It went from 13.7 suicides per 100,000 people to 17.6 suicides per 100,000 people. states that at the world average of 16 suicides per 100,000 people, we will lose close to 1 million people per year. Which is equivalent to 1 person every 40 seconds in 2011. By 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates suicides to rise from 1 death every 40 seconds to 1 death every 20 seconds. India and China have the highest suicide rate with 30% of all suicides taking place there. In India and China, people attempt suicide 20 times more than those succeeding world wide. According to WHO, there were approximately 5,000 more deaths related to suicides than there were deaths related to motor vehicle accidents.

Different states and countries can alter greatly in the ratio of people vs. people committing suicide. Studies have shown that the western states have a higher suicide rate than the rest of the country.  Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, New Mexico, Idaho, and Alaska sit at the top of the list. Lets take Oregon for instance. The suicide rate of 35-64 year olds is up 49% from 2002. Oregon falls between seventh and ninth place on the list for states with the most suicides. According to the CDC the total suicides for Oregon was 709 in 2012. According to the Oregon Public Health Division, over half of it’s states suicides were with the use of guns. It’s believed the western states have access to more guns, and the western states gun laws are more lax. It’s also believed that the western states are in more rural areas, therefore there is a huge lack of support and help for mental health problems.

The leading cause of suicide deaths in the US is the lack of mental health care. There are so many reasons why people commit suicide. We need to get together as a team to help support people better, watch out for any unusual signs or behavior in people, to report ANY type of abuse or bullying, and make it so people don’t have access to guns, etc. get behavior diagnosed, and provide access to mental health care, among many other. Please help reduce suicide rates by knowing what to look for, and how to respond to situations. Remember, suicide is not just largely affecting the young and old, but the middle aged and healthy.

Written By: Crystal Ervin

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