Research Shows Effect Precedes Cause

Research shows Effect proceeds Cause

Science is really getting interesting.  We all tend to believe in the idea of time unfolding from the past to the future, right?  We somehow accept that our actions create specific results, but what if it were actually the other way around?  Recent research is showing effects preceding the cause and it’s causing quite a stir.

In a new quantum experiment at the University of Vienna, the traditional world view of “cause and effect” is now being questioned as a result of one very interesting discovery.  The researchers were to decide whether two particles were entangled and then measure the particles.  The trick was, the measurement took place before the decision to entangle or not -and was then accurate.  Head scratch anyone?  The writer of the study, Xiao-song Ma, comments: “Classical correlations can be decided after they are measured” and apparently entanglement can happen “after the entangled particles have been measured and may no longer exist.”

Let’s say this another way – think of it like this – two people are in a room and a couple of other people are standing in an isolated box outside of the room who will decide whether the people will dance together or not(become entangled).  Another two people, in another box, separate from the others, will be measuring the two people to see if they are dancing or not (did they entangle?).  The trick in this whole scenario is the dancers are measured before the decision as to whether or not they are dancing is made, and it is correct.  The effect preceds the cause.

Some might argue that the example of people dancing is not accurate because we are talking about quantum particles in this experiment, and people are “outside” of that quantum reality – but are we?  You have heard the saying “as above, so below”?  This refers to that which happens on the large scale reflecting that which occurs on the small and visa versa.  If actions can be known before decisions are made on a quantum level, then is the same principle also true for us – on a large scale?  Is it already known, what will occur for each one of us?  Like some sort of destiny?  And if so, does that knowledge affect what we actually do?

These are major questions that go through the minds of those who really attempt to wrap their minds around this one quantum experiment where researchers showed the effect preceding the cause.  It is a strange idea for those of us believing in and living in the world of supposed “cause and effect.”  What would the opposite mean if incorporated into our reality?  Can the future be  known before it happens?  If so, how does that occur?  If particles can be measured as to whether they are entangled or not before they actually are – and be correct, what are the implications for science in general and for our evolving collective reality?  Do we just throw out Newton’s third law of motion in favor of a new reality model?

Research in Vienna recently shows that effect may precede the cause.  What else does this experiment tell us about the quantum world?  And more importantly, how closely are we attuned to that quantum world ourselves?

Written by: Stasia Bliss

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