David Tutera Has Found New Love

The wedding season is not just in June anymore.  The bride does not always wear white.  Animals can be ring bearers and clowns can usher guests.  If you want it and have the big bucks to pay for it, David Tutera will make it happen.  The imagination of a bride and groom is David’s palette and he will paint the most beautiful scene for anyone’s special day.  Anything is possible and Tutera’s talent for style and design ranks high on the list of celebrity weddings and important parties.  Sadly, David Tutera has seen his own marriage crumble.  The host of WeTV’s “My Fair Wedding”, remains upbeat and is moving forward with the help of his new love.

David got his start at the age of 19 and was encouraged by his grandfather to pursue a business using his natural talent.  He has always had a knack for knowing just what works when it comes to creating an event to remember.  His original ideas and patience have been key elements in orchestrating some of the most unusual and lavish weddings ever conceived.  His personal life has also been out of the normal range of expectations.  In 2003, he married Ryan Jurica in a civil ceremony in Vermont.  They were a happy couple and well into the marriage when they decided the time was right to add to their family.

As is the case with two men, the only way it would happen was to locate a surrogate mother.  The stress of waiting and forking out thousands to create a child through surrogacy ended when they found out they were expecting twins.  Their dream had come true, but turned into a nightmare when the couple decided to split in January of 2013.  The fraternal twins were born in June of 2013 and promptly separated, one for each man.  The unique family dynamic spans from L.A. to Connecticut, but both David and Ryan plan to keep the special bond between the twins.  Amazingly, it was determined that the little boy, Cedric was Ryan’s biological child and Cielo, the little girl was David’s.

Despite the heartbreak of losing his long time partner, David has found new love again with Cielo.  His world has changed and his world is now his daughter.  She has been a life saver and is being rewarded with her own lavish nursery and plenty of love.  The doting new dad has designed a beautiful, peaceful place for little Cielo and she has won a special place in his heart.  The years will fly by as David deals with arrangements to keep the twins in each other’s life.  He and Ryan are in the beginning stages of parenthood with the added complications of any divorced couple.

David’s life has taken an unexpected turn, but the long term outlook is exciting as he secretly plans for Cielo’s own wedding day.  As he smiles with pride at his handiwork and sheds tears at the memorable weddings he has created, his tears of joy keep him grounded.  Life is unpredictable, but sometimes the best gifts come in small packages.  David Tutera has found new love in being Cielo’s dad and has not given up on the fairytale ending.


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  1. Berandette Kleine   September 29, 2013 at 8:33 am

    Glad he found someone to hold his heart. He will find someone new to fill the gap. I would love to have him do my daughters wedding. But this is not about her. It is about David. He has a great heart and gives with all his heart. Wish him well. And remember that the sun comes up everyday. And you daughter with be the light in you life right now. Thanks


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