Resistance Equals Persistance

Resistance is Persistence

If there is one philosophy and “law of the universe” worth learning it’s that resistance equals persistence.   In other words, that which you resist in life will persist in appearing for you until you can surrender to it, get the lesson and move on.  Also, until we can learn that things which are resistant, like bacteria which have out-smarted antibiotics, persist until approached in a different way – we will continue to be alluded by them.

Have you ever found yourself saying “I will never do such and such” only to find yourself one day doing that very thing?  If you don’t end up engaging in it yourself, you will no doubt be faced with the situation you abhor in a loved one or something near to you.  If you don’t want something in your life, the best way to avoid it is to accept it, love it and agree that it too is valid of expression.  When we do this, it is as though the universe hears us and agrees.  When we do not and we resist the flow of life, life has a way of showing us how little we really are in the larger scheme of things.

Carl Jung was the first to introduce this idea in the realm of psychology.  He was referring to individuals resisting certain parts of their character, which he called the ‘shadow’ and how when we do this, these aspects are bound to show up eventually.  It is true- often that which we resist is the very thing we are – yet we somehow have a hard time embracing these parts of us for one reason or another.

Society may condemn a certain quality or show disdain or detest for another while all the while we are internally judging ourselves against these external meters, not allowing the true expression of ourselves to surface out of fear of judgment.

Usually, when we embrace those things within us that we fear, we find they are multi-layered, with the surface layers being more distorted than the root.  Take sexuality for instance.  Many people have been raised to believe their sexuality is dirty, evil or to be avoided.  Often religion deters people from exploring their sexuality and so numerous individuals grow up suppressing this part of their being.

If we take Jung’s philosophy into account, we can then see how situations often arise for these people asking them to express themselves sexually, and too often these people find themselves in defunct sexual experiences rather than beautiful ones right off.  The sexual nature, which is natural and beautiful in every human, wants to surface, yet it is clouded by judgments and fears, labels and misinterpretations.  Eventually, this part of self has to come up because it is part of the authentic self.  If not allowed to express in a healthy manner, the first layer of what is resisted persistently shows up as either deviant sexual behavior, abuse or illness in the reproductive organs.  These urges are simply wanting to be addressed, to be heard, and to be expressed naturally.

Once the surrender occurs, the healing can take place.  If one has resisted so long, there may be major trauma or deep recovery that needs to happen.  The persistence is the natural order of authenticity awaiting acknowledgement.  If we resist a part of ourselves, we can only do so for so long…until we are unable any longer, or we die.

Even in exercise this philosophy is true.  When you add resistance to a muscle group it builds the muscles stronger.  They persist in their ability to engage, thus increasing the ability of the muscles. According to, “Resistance exercise stimulates the development of small proteins in muscle cells, which will in turn enhance your muscles’ ability to generate force.” Resistance is not a bad thing, but when taking the idea into account in your every day life, it can help to know that once you are ready to surrender, change can occur, and not until.

In the light of antibiotic-resistant bacteria it is good to know that these little buggers are going to be persistent and they are alive still and flourishing because of the strength they have built up against the very thing meant to mow them down.  Sometimes the only way to outsmart resistance, in this case, is to take another route entirely.  If resistance has you figured out as these little bugs seem to have figured out the antibiotic, well – take another course of action.  Essential oils, for example, have been found to allude these other-wise resistant strains of bacteria because they show up differently every time, are unpredictable and come in for the win when the resistant strains aren’t looking.

Yes, like it or not, resistance equals persistence.  What are you resisting in your life?  And what do you feel is persisting that you could be ready to let go of if not for the resistance?  Sometimes resistance is a good thing, as it builds strong character, but at some point, something has to give – what’s it gonna be for you?


Written by: Stasia Bliss

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