The Face of Twitter is Changing

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With the recent announcement of Twitter going public, it seems more changes are forthcoming. Apple is releasing its highly anticipated iOS 7 in a couple of days, a time Twitter is relishing. The social media giant is slated to release interface changes that affects how mobile users access and use Twitter. Multimedia will be the core of the changes to be installed and some of those changes may go into effect before the end of the year.

Twitter, per All Things D, will be replacing tabs for a swiping feature to review content streams. The visual experience is stated to feel richer, more interactive and is expected to create explosive growth on the celebrity-entrenched site. Twitter is infamous for their text heavy platform, and it seems while that will remain a fixture on the site, Twitter is also looking to boost visual appeal.

During the announcement of the IPO play, Twitter had hinted at becoming more connected with television. Now it seems Twitter is on board to develop a stream specifically for television addicts to connect. These interface changes can lead the charge for Twitter as a social media force to reckon with. Twitter has previously discussed its desire to become the “social soundtrack” for television.

This can be considerably beneficial for those on the go who don’t have the option to tune into their favorite show but want to find the latest updates. Consider popular shows like True Blood, America’s Got Talent, Dancing with the Stars or Scandal. Instead of going through endless sites receiving teasers, a user can log into Twitter and receive instant updates on their live show.

Television and Twitter are connecting
Television and Twitter are connecting

Ali Rowghani, Twitter’s COO, mentioned something many new and even older Twitter users experience – difficulty in navigating the social media site. Rowghani stated in a recent interview that Twitter needs to start providing an interface that is easier to maneuver and can provide a path that will “immediately” engage the user. With the simplistic approach, Rowghani stated all users can now grasp the site instead of wondering what an “RT is.” An RT, by the way, is a retweet.

When the changes are implemented users will be able to see the difference upon logging in. Instead of the single stream of updated tweets, users will see separate feeds. This is where the television and photo streams will really make an impact. In addition, a collection of videos will join the fun and a user can easily click the feed to personalize the settings.

The one refreshing aspect of Twitter has been its difference from and indifference to Facebook. It has formulated a brand that was specific to mobile users and it seems they are enhancing that ability by updating the interface. This was a change that was needed but interestingly, not demanded by users which shows Twitter’s ability to connect with future considerations for their dedicated user base.

The changes may not come all at once. Twitter has expressed the biggest challenge will be integrating the television stream. The interface is bringing with it a great level of excitement.

When Twitter made the announcement of their impending plans, tweeters revealed their feelings of anticipation of the coming changes. One tweeter stated “what?! had no clue. This is very cool and I can keep up with my E! shows.” Another showed some hesitation on the changes, saying “as long as Twitter doesn’t become this ridiculous bright mess or a facebook maze, I’ll be good.”

The interface changes for Twitter are coming! From television feeds, exclusive photo streams and easier navigation, the social media giant is looking forward to exploding into a lead television “trending” connection point. With the announcement of the pending IPO and changes, are you looking forward to the changes coming to Twitter?

By: Angelina Bouc

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