Robin Thicke Was He Thinking of Blonde When Miley Twerked Him

Robin Thicke Thinking of Blonde While Miley Twerked Him?

Robin Thicke Thinking of Blonde While Miley Twerked Him?

Miley Cyrus might have “made history” on the MTV VMA show by her “lewd” act on stage which included twerking her her butt into Robin Thicke’s crotch. But, very shortly, after the show had aired Robin posted a picture of him and his little family on vacation. Looks like someone had a guilty conscience. It makes us wonder if Thicke was thinking of a certain blonde while Miley twerked him on stage.

While sending flowers to his wife Paula Patton might have aroused suspicion, a family photograph correctly captioned may have just saved Robin’s bacon.

The family photo, which featured wife Paula seemingly about to fall out of her bikini top, was tweeted via Instagram with the caption “Family Vaca!” The 36 year-old Blurred Lines singer definitely was attempting some damage control after his “run-in” with Miley Cyrus’ bottom.

But the problem with pictures is that they can turn up at the least convenient times. Take for example the Instagram snap taken at a big party after the MTV event. A young blonde bombshell by the name of Lana Scholaro had a picture taken with Robin at the party.

Unfortunately for Thicke, the picture was taken in front of a mirror. Like those pictures and video’s on, something was going on behind the posing couple. Something like Thicke having his hand practically shoved up Lana’s behind was reflected well enough for the camera to see.


For someone he’d “just met” Robin was getting very up close and personal with the blonde bit of stuff that he’d obviously been thinking of when Miley twerked in his lap earlier.

The blonde woman that the married, family man, is giving a hand to is a 22 year-old college student who comes from New York’s elite social circles. And after the picture was taken, she revealed that things got a bit “heavy handed” later on.

It turns out that their meeting at the MTV VMA after-party might not have been accidental in nature. Sources have said that Lana met Robin about a week before the awards ceremony. Scolaro spoke to Life & Style and told them that things got very steamy after the photo had been taken.

According to Lana, Robin’s “chat-up” line consisted of the phrase, “I just love the fact that you’re so young.” With an opening like that, how could Scolaro refuse the offer of a lift with him and Paula to the party being held at the Greenwich Hotel?

Lana said that when she went to the bathroom after arriving at the party, Thicke followed her and when she entered the room, he did as well. Scolaro said that his hands were “everywhere.” Unfortunately for the “hands-on” Lothario, he found out that the bathroom at a party might as well be Grand Central Station.

It was so busy in there that they had no chance for coitus interruptus, because of all the comings and goings of other guests. Apparently this all took place with Thicke’s wife Patton just a few feet away.

Lana said, “I went to the bathroom, and when I came out he was standing there. He turned off the lights so no one could see us, and he started making out with me. He was grabbing me. He was like, ‘I want to get you into bed!’”

The near proximity of Thicke’s missus put Lana off and she says that initially she fought off his advances. What with his being a married man whose wife was a short distance away. But Robin soothed her by saying that his other half was “chill” with it.

Apparently that means that the couple must have an open marriage, or, he was too sexually preoccupied to worry. But Robin might have been telling the truth. Patton’s publicist said after the incident that neither Robin nor Paula were concerned and that Lana was a girl seeking attention.

Robin Thicke apparently knew Lana Scolaro before that party, and judging by the mirror image of his hand placed strategically on her bottom, he must have been thinking of the blonde Lana while Miley twerked him. It would be nice to think that this is all a misunderstanding, but this particular picture is definitely worth a thousand words.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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