Russian Cruise Missile Destroyer Crossed Bosphorus

Reinforcing Russian Naval Deployment in Mediterranean

Cruise missile destroyer crossed Bosphorus reinforcing Russian naval deployment in Mediterranean

Another Russian warship, Smetlivy, crossed Turkey’s Bosphorus strait Friday morning local time going to the Syrian coast of Mediterranean. This ship is able to intercept cruise missiles America is planning to use against Syria.

Smetlivy belongs to Kashin class ships that were originally designed by the Soviet Navy as a group of cruise missile destroyers. First launched in 1967, it was renovated few times, last time in 2009. It serves as a part of the Black Sea Fleet. It armed with SS-N-25 Switchblade missile system, AK-726 artillery system, a 16-missile Volga air defensive system, 533-millimeter torpedo launcher and RBU 100- anti submarine and anti-torpedo rocket launchers.

Smetlivy left the naval base in Sevastopol, Ukraine on Tuesday. It is planned to reinforce Russian Naval deployment in the eastern Mediterranean. Three additional war ships, as we reported earlier, crossed Bosphorus on September, 5 joining the group of four that are already circulating in the area. They are to be reinforced by the amphibious assault ship Nikolay Filchenkov and missile cruiser Moskva carrying Vulkan missiles. According to the RBC Daily, the Russian fleet in the Mediterranean will reach 11 ships by mid of September.

The reinforcement of the Russian Naval force in the Mediterranean comes at the same time with the Russian plan to put Syrian chemical weapons under international control as an attempt to stop American strike on Syria. So far while working on the peace initiative Russia got extra time to deliver additional weaponry to Bashar Al-Assad’s regime allegedly including Russian anti-ship Yakhont missiles as well as to deploy ships capable to intercept American cruise missiles.

By Alsu Salakhutdinov

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