Sprint Introduces One Up for Early Upgrades

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T-Mobile begun the early upgrade race
T-Mobile begun the early upgrade race

Verizon has the VZ Edge, T-Mobile touts their JUMP! program and even AT&T introduced the Next! plan. Consumers were looking to the final major carrier who was holding out. Hold out no more! Sprint’s payment plan labeled One Up was leaked from sources who advised of the future plan.

Just like two of the three carriers, the One Up will provide a no money down option that incorporates a payment plan of the device over 24 months. After 12 months, a customer can trade-in the phone or tablet and receive a new device to start anew. One advantage Sprint is considering? For current customers who choose the One Up program, their monthly rate plan may be reduced by $15.

AT&T followed with Next!
AT&T followed with Next!

The One Up plan is not something Sprint terribly needs, outside of keeping up with marketing competition. The carrier is the only one out of the remaining three that carry unlimited data in significant 4G areas. Granted, while the coverage is not as expanse as Verizon’s or AT&T’s network, it is enough for a few million subscribers and growing.

Boosting earlier upgrades started with T-Mobile and it seems each carrier has taken a page from one another to streamline and increase the benefits. Many consumers are on the fence not sure if the plan is worth it. A local Sprint customer, who identified himself as G. Crosby stated, “it seems like a dumb idea. It’s like being in a car lease, all you do is lease and lease and payments never stop!” Another customer who identified herself as an AT&T customer L. Maroon shared, “I love it! It is thee only way I could afford my Note. Phones are expensive so I get a cheap plan and great phone. Plus now I can trade it in next year when the iPhone 6 comes out, score!”

VZ Edge became available
VZ Edge became available

Reaching out to a local Sprint contact only revealed a roadblock. What was mentioned? The company is not so happy on how the leak worked its way through media outlets. Alas, the crux of news, media and technology. Regardless, the news should impress on current customers and even other carrier customers. In the world of mobile carriers, eligibility is everything! Although these new plans are awesome for some, many current customers are not so thrilled.

If locked into a current contract, the carrier may require a customer to be upgrade eligible to move into the One Up, VZ Edge, JUMP! and Next! plans. Once established in the plan, a customer can enjoy the annual freedom of upgrades. Check the carrier of services to determine the path of least resistance if seeking this plan just made it on a to-do list.

From its origination as the Brown Telephone Company in 1899 to its acquistion of Clearwire this year, Sprint is making a splash in the mobile carrier industry. For a long time, Verizon and AT&T has duked out over the number one spot. With the third largest carrier throwing its name in the early upgrade ring, the two contenders may stop focusing so hardily on one another and start looking over their shoulders.

Sprint’s One Up program is scheduled for release on September 20. The same date the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C officially release across all channels. Compare and contrast each of these plans to determine activation fees, time of upgrade trade-in and if any monthly fees are charged. It seems overall T-Mobile may have started this choice, but their options are far too slim to stay in the race much longer.

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