Spying on Egypt – Bird Detained for Spying

Spying on Egypt - Bird Detained for Spying

On Sunday, a citizen arrest has been made and a migratory bird has been detained for spying on the Egyptian government.

The story beings when an Egyptian fisherman, a citizen living the Qena government 280-miles southeast of Cairo Egypt, apprehended a suspicious migratory stork. The fowl was seen while the concerned citizen was fishing. The large white and black feathered suspect was immediately apprehended (possibly by luring the suspected spy in with fresh bait) and taken to the police for interrogation. Isn’t that the correct process when a suspected spy is apprehended and charged with espionage?

What tipped the citizen off to the stork’s spying tactics was when he noticed some sort of tracking device attached to the bird’s leg.

Once the spy-stork was booked into custody and pleaded his Fifth Amendment rights, government officials were then forced to send in a veterinary team to determine if the device the bird was carrying was either a spying mechanism or a bomb of some type.

Much to the government officials’ relief, the device in question was only used to track the migratory patterns of birds, and had been placed on the suspect by French scientists. The migratory tracker stopped working once the suspected spy crossed over the French border suggesting that the bird being accused of spying was not really a spy at all.

But who can blame the Egyptian government for being suspicious of the long-beaked fowl with all the turmoil recently gripping Egypt? (Remember, Pinocchio’s nose grew each time he told an untruth.) The military coup July 3 that overthrew President Mohamed Morsi and unrest with the countries’ people, even our feathered friends can be suspect to spying.

The stork arrested is not the first bird to be called foul on by Egyptian officials. In January, a carrier pigeon had been detained and thought to have been spying on the Egyptian government using a microfilm spyware on one leg and a note on the other that read “Islam Egypt.” No word yet on the developments of the pigeon spy ring.

In Turkey, (the country not the species) officials detained a falcon after villagers accused it of spying for the Mossad. Fortunately for all parties concerned, X-rays revealed the spy suspected falcon was not carrying any spyware, but only wore a foot band that was imprinted with the encrypted numbers 24311. After extensive scrutiny, it was concluded that the detained spy was only another migration bird being tracked by Israel’s Tel Aviv University.

Spying on Egypt - Bird Detained for Spying

In World War II, carrier pigeons were used to deliver encrypted messages back and forth enemy barriers. So in this technologically advanced world in which we live, it seems quite plausible and economically sound to use birds for spying techniques.

As in this stork’s James Bond scenario, government official’s praised the partisanship of the fisherman who caught the suspected stork and brought the traitor in for questioning. However, even though the mishap confirmed the fowl’s true identity, the migratory bird still remains detained and considered a spy until government permission is given for its release.

Written by Lisa Graziano

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