Sydney Leathers Shows up to Weiner Election Party


As Anthony Weiner was handed an astounding defeat in New York’s primary election, he received a surprise at what was to be his victory party, although it was not a pleasant one. None other than Sydney Leathers, the woman who came forward with the sexts they had been exchanging, showed up at Connolly’s, the bar where “Carlos Danger” was holding his election day celebration.

The unexpected visit caused such a frenzy in front of the establishment that Weiner had to go through a McDonald’s next door to an alternate entrance to the bar. He was able to successfully avoid Leathers even though she followed him through the restaurant. Leathers was not actually allowed entrance to the social function.

Weiner, for his part finished fifth in the election, with only about 5% of the votes. If there is any silver lining to the entire sordid affair, it is that he seems to be done with politics, and Weiner driving off literally flipping the middle finger to the press should be the last nail in the coffin of his public office ambitions.

When asked why she showed up to the party, Leathers hypocritically claimed that she made the appearance in the public interest by saying that Weiner“tried to lie about the second scandal and tried to act as if the first scandal was the only thing that ever happened, that he had done wrong and he was this changed man and that’s not the case and I am proof of that,” and “I just felt like I should. I felt obligated after being this involved in the situation.” as if voters needed to be reminded of any of that; but her self-righteousness bears exploring. She recently has been trying to create media buzz by crusading for mandated condom use in the porn industry, even though she did not use one in the video that she made. She also recently spent $40,000 on plastic surgery. Reportedly the work she had done included breast augmentation, liposuction, rhinoplasty, and teeth whitening. In order to defray the cost of these cosmetic procedures Leathers allowed Inside Edition to film her experience through them.

In addition, Leathers has been hyping her new single “Weinerizer” (apparently a spoof of the Britney Spears song Womanizer), and advising people to buy it on iTunes, even though it has not been released yet. So what is behind all these efforts to garner attention?

Let us think back to before Sydney Leathers was showing up unannounced and uninvited to election parties. After she revealed herself to be the woman involved in the Weiner sexting scandal, Vivid Entertainment made her an offer to star in a porn video. Vivid tends to be very generous in occasions such as these, where they want to get somebody that has not been involved in the adult industry before; but that they consider good-looking, and has made headlines to star in one of their videos. If she made disparaging remarks about Weiner after that, she did not go about it in a very vocal way.

However, Leathers will probably not be making any more porn for at least a few more months. She claims that this is by choice; but in reality, she has no choice in this matter. Not only does the porn industry currently have a moratorium on production because of an HIV outbreak within the talent pool; but the actor she had sex with in her video, had recently had intercourse with Cameron Bay at the time of the shoot. Bay is one of the performers that have been confirmed to be infected with the AIDS virus.

When Sydney Leathers showed up to Weiner’s election party, she was simply trying to parlay whatever fame she has left into some type of entertainment career. Let us hope she realizes that her fifteen minutes are up.

By Milton Ruiz

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  1. afton   September 18, 2013 at 6:27 am

    I do not know what he has done but she leally hates him. she does everything she can to make his life more difficult. The first step was to make videos on and then she came to his party….. do not know why he affraids her but this shows that it has been something between them. I think this is not the last time we heard about Sydney


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