Syria Claims to Have Evidence Rebels Carried Out Chemical Attacks

Syria Claims to Have Evidence Rebels Carried Out Chemical Attacks

On Wednesday, it was revealed by one Syrian official and a Russian diplomat that Syria has just handed over a collection of evidence to Russia. They claim that the evidence proves the chemical weapon attack last month in Damascus to have been carried out by rebels in the area, rather than the Assad regime.

The material provided by Syrian officials apparently demonstrates “rebels participating in the chemical attack,” although neither Russia nor any international entities have yet commented on the authenticity of the evidence. Still, the question of who actually carried out chemical attacks in August is still an unanswered one. Even a recent U.N. investigation was not able to specify which side in the civil war used chemical weapons, although it still determined that they were indeed used. Like Syria, Russia has submitted its own body of evidence to the U.N. Security Council, which similarly suggests that a non-government entity carried out the attacks.

Wednesday also saw Syrian President Bashar Assad hosting a delegation featuring former US members of Congress and various anti-war advocates, one of which was former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark, a long-time opponent of the so-called War on Terror.

“Policies adopted by the American administration that are based on launching wars, intervening in other countries’ affairs and imposing hegemony on people,” Assad reportedly told the delegation, “do not achieve the interests of American people and contradicts with their values and principals [sic].”

Written by Chris Bacavis


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