Thanks to Smartwater Thieves Are Now Caught Green-faced [video]

Brent Police Department

Brent Police Department

SmartWater saved the day when a 28-year-old thief tried to break into a trap car. Yafet Askale denied the accusation but failed to realize he had been hit in the face with a liquid called SmartWater.

SmartWater is a traceable liquid that contains dye that can only be seen under ultra violet light.

After breaking into the car, Askale began stealing items from inside which activated the system which sprayed him in the face with the traceable liquid and alerted the police that the car had experienced a break in. Askale had no idea that he was covered in the spray until much later when the ultra violet lights revealed it.

Brent Police Detective made the images public as a warning to would-be thieves. He said this is just one more excellent example of the thorough work that comes from Brent Officers. Even though Askale continued to deny that he broke into the car the new technology had already found him guilty. Officers were able to charge him and send him before the courts.

The sad thing is he knew his cover was blown but didn’t want to own it. When you blow it there no need for a big revelation; just own it. Instead of denying times when we’ve messed up it’s more advantageous to view those times as opportunities to expand our personal development.

Here are a few tips to help with times such as these:

  • Own It: Nothing hinders personal growth like refusing to admit when we’ve blown it. It so liberating to admit and own times when we’ve messed up. Owning errors is the only way to unleash the personal power that causes growth. Anything else is a waste of energy because it can only be covered so long before it’s revealed.
  • Take a lesson with you: The only wasted experience is the one that is dismissed without a lesson. When we take the time to search for the lesson in the experience it’s the same as a coroner performing an autopsy to see what the cause of death is; dissect the error and find out the motivation that allowed you to get into that situation. It’s a waste of an experience if you don’t take a lesson from it.
  • Share your findings: What’s the benefit of a life changing situation if you don’t share and allow others to benefit from it? Success only works when it’s used to empower others.

The new trap car with traceable liquid is only part of an overall reduction of crime strategy designed by SmartWater. Officers in Brent will continue to use it to target criminals and hold them accountable for their actions. Brent Police Department is making it very clear; if you are a thief don’t even think about coming to their town. If you do they have trap cars and housing waiting for you.

In most towns they try to catch their thieves red-handed but in Brent thieves are now caught green-faced.

This same system has also been used to track down jewel thieves. Police are now offering kits of SmartWater to others in the area who want to protect their property from thieves who break in and steal.



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)