The Laws of Reality: The Principle of Correspondence

The Laws of Reality: The Principle of Correspondence


The Principle of Correspondence

As above, so below; as below, so above.”The Kybalion

The Principle of Correspondence is found in every religion and theology. There is an understanding that what we know and experience, in our lives here on earth, can be used to understand both the finer and smaller as well as the larger and grosser. This translates to every aspect of life and is more than just something to understand. It is the ability to shift one’s perspective to understand and see the correlation between the outside world and the inside world as well.

Upon the surface, one can see this as a gateway to understanding. If my direct experiences, here, in this human body, in this natural world, tells me about this world, it may also tell me about larger and smaller worlds too. It becomes a link in the chain of understanding.

The Laws of Reality: The Principle of CorrespondenceThis principle has been used throughout time in scientist’s quest to understand how the Universe works. Sir Isaac Newton observed cannon balls and falling objects to understand and work out the mathematics to predict gravity effects. Albert Einstein used observations of trains and airplanes to understand, and prove, his theory of space-time relativity. In both cases, these prolific minds took the pieces they could see and understand, and applied what they knew of it to the larger realms of Universal Principles of physics.

We use this principle all the time in science. We take data from an instrument that can register something we can perceive with our five senses, then take that information and correspond our experience to better understand both the very small, as well as the very big, and even the multidimentional.

Under the surface, this principle also reflects the similarity of experience. This is why the movement of the celestial bodies, why astrology, can, and does, correspond to the influences that are playing out in our human affairs. Or, perhaps, it is our human affairs that are influencing the celestial bodies. Either way, the principle states that how things are here, in our apparently mundane human lives, are how things are in the heavens.

Combining this principle with the one before it, the Principle of Mentalism, then we can turn to how, and why, the Secret “Law of Attraction” works. All is mental; what we perceive as gross substance is just another, denser, form of the mental state of reality. The thoughts that we have, that we create, as a human being, by the Principle of Correspondence, means that the heavens above and the earth below must be ordered by these thoughts.

The Laws of Reality: The Principle of CorrespondenceIf this is the case, then where you place your mind, your mental energy, where you place the boundaries and limitations upon yourself, that is the existence that you create. Like a pebble dropped into a pond, your thoughts ripple out to the very edge of all creation and, just like the ripples that reach the edge, those thoughts come back with more substance to you, the progenitor.

It is not that you are creating right now the experience of your life with the thoughts you are having right now; you would require a level of consistency we are usually not aware of in order to do that. Rather, we created this reality we are experiencing right now from the thoughts we had in the past, as the ripples return. The stone is not much disturbed by its initial splash into the pond, but, as it comes to rest, it then becomes jostled by the water moved by its entrance into the pond. Is this not how we experience life-we are jostled by the thoughts of yesterday manifesting and taking shape today?

The Principle of Correspondence is being used, here again, in the metaphor provided above; something small, a calm body of water disturbed by an object, and applying what we know of that to a larger concept, how our thoughts ripple out into the Universe and return to create our reality.

In everyday experience, we take this Principle of Correspondence for granted, applying it in our life without much thought. In fact, the English language is rife with such language in the form of metaphor, simile, and other poetic forms of expression. My soul is a fertile garden, flushing with the abundance planted in spring, to be harvested in autumn’s cool embrace.

We apply this in so many areas it is nearly silly pointing out that we already use this principle. Scientists continue to better understand the moon so as to understand other planets; in particular, other satellites. They study the interaction of chemicals, atoms, and molecules to understand the larger geological processes that take place over billions of years. All things are connected and all things correspond. As above, so below; as below, so above.

The Laws of Reality: The Principle of CorrespondenceUnderstanding this principle allows one to come to all understanding and knowledge, but let those who are ready to understand, hear. In that understanding one has mastered one of the keys to all life. If one wishes to understand something of the higher, finer, small, or grosser realms, simply apply what is know here in either direction. If one wishes insight into the nuances of one’s life, look at what can be measured and observed; see the relationships and correspondences. Every answer to every question is around us, but it is not always so easily understood or accessible.

One of the greatest faculties we have, as human beings, in the ability to project what might happen. We can climb or descend upon the causal chain of events in order to understand what might happen, what may have occurred. This same faculty allows us to imagine how larger, more complex systems and worlds may work and appear from the single point of our own experience. It is the ability to find a broken piece of pottery and extrapolate an entire civilization. It is the ability to detect water and conclude life can exist.

Having now become aware of the Principle of Correspondence, apply it to your own life and test it. Does it hold true? Is there a relationship between the events of your life and the lives of others? Is there a relationship between what is going on in the world and what is going on in your own thoughts? Are there relationships that you might rather simply be coincidence?

The challenge in understanding and harnessing this principle in your own life is related to the Principle of Mentalism. Your thoughts, once mastered and consistent, will manifest instantly within the context of your experience. Look at the apparently small thing in your life, patterns of any kind, that may lead you to a better understanding of self. The correspondences, the correlations, are there for your benefit, oh conscious being of light, to use for your own consciously created purposes. Can you, are you willing, to connect the dots that you are given?

By: Iam Bloom