The African Bee the Toxins and the Hidden Poisons Stored in the Body

black bee

In Africa are two main bee species among others, the brown bee and the black bee. The brown bee is an African bee, which produces honey for the commercial market. The Black Bee is not so well known and yet is known to be the most vicious of all bee species. One has to have additional protective clothing when dealing with this bee.

People without wearing any protective clothing has captured the black bee and were not stung, simply because they were experts and knew how to handle bees. Yet some people have had a bite or two, and the sting did not affect them. Some of the handlers can be stung up to two hundred times a year.

Usually after a bee sting, a reaction of extreme discomfort will hinder the individual and a paralysis of the local nervous system can occur. A porous increase of blood capillaries and destruction of red blood cells can occur. If there is an allergy to the bee sting, this can be a life threatening reaction and the person can die within twenty minutes of being stung.

People who work in the bee industry are aware of this allergy and take precautions. An antidote is available for immediate use or a visit to the nearest hospital for treatment.
brown bee

In addition, those dealing with African snakes, of the venomous kind, claim they become resistant to the snakes they deal with after getting bitten a number of times. When they are bitten, they do not experience any of the effects caused by a sting. There is a real possibility that death can occur within a few hours from the bite of a poisonous snake or a sting from a bee. Although beekeepers and snake handlers claim they are immune from being stung or bitten, this is not entirely true.

The human body learns to recognize these poisons, and the body knows how to deal with them. The body stores the poison in the marrow, body fat and in the brain, keeping them out of harm’s way. These are stored usually deep within the body as a defense mechanism to be used when attacked by unknown poisons.

If stung by a bee, or bitten by a snake it can become fatal as the venom released into the bloodstream, can cause a serious condition, which spirals out of control. More alarming is not only the bee sting that releases the poison, the body releases all the stored toxins into the blood stream as a defense attack. Therefore, the victim can die from a mixture of chemicals! There is little hope of surviving when this occurs and as one gets older, so the risk of dying increases! Good news is that this action can be reversed.

When attempting to detoxify the body, extreme caution should be taken as it is not only the poisons currently in the body but the releases of all the hidden toxins stored by the body that can be released into the blood stream as well, and cause complications which will be difficult to detect.

Written by Laura Oneale

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