Biological Warfare Chemical Conspiracy Is It Really a Threat


You do not have to go to Syria to be poisoned by biological warfare Chemicals! It is happening all over the world, so say the chem-trail conspiracy theorists.

During 1996, a chem-trail conspiracy began to circulate. Although this was reported as a hoax, people often wonder whether there was a phenomenon attached to these trials.

In the US, the Air Force said the accusation were undeniably a scam fueled by citations to a strategy paper drafted within the Air Force. This was researched and refuted by recognized and accredited universities, leading media publications and scientific organizations.

In Britain, the Secretary of State for Environment Food and Rural Affairs, when questioned about research in that area, it was stated that no chem-trails from air-crafts were undertaken. Contrails were conducted to understand how they are formed and what effect they had on the atmosphere. Definitely not chem-trails!

The Canadian Government responded to a petition by concerned Canadian citizens regarding chemicals used in aerial spraying by assuring them that there was no substantiated evidence, scientific or otherwise to support the allegation. They confirmed that the contrails were regular features in the sky and that the people were confused between the contrails and chem-trails.

Planes are sent into the air to spray fine mists and vapors of chemicals, which settle down and affect entire populations. This is done worldwide. The mists and vapors are called chem-trails.

Contrails happen all the time, and this can be the complicated link between the chem-trails. When the airplane engine emits the hot humid air into the cold atmosphere where low vapor pressure is evident, then that is the result of condensation. The water mist rapidly condenses into water drops and then turns into ice. It is these ice crystals that form the visible cloud streaks behind the engine of the plane which are called contrails.

It is obvious that contrails do not just discharge hot humid air but do include nitrogen oxide, sulfate spots, and carbon dioxide as well into the air. This can have a negative effect on the environment, and it is this action that theorists have named chem-trails.

It is in not only America but also all around the world that the chem-trail debacle continues to gather strength from concerned people. The unconfirmed reports of airplanes spraying fine mists and vapors of chemicals, which settle down, over the land affect entire populations.

Chem-trails can certainly be harmful as certain chemicals released from the air onto crops and some of the chemicals referred to as used in the chem-trails are, Botulism poison, Aluminum oxide, Barium, Strontium, Arsenic, Mercury, and Fluoride. Other chemicals have been listed.

Those who believe in the conspiracy say the chem-trails are dangerous. The reasons for their belief in this conspiracy span from the ongoing military weapons testing, chemical population control, and global warming. The chem-trail theorists believe that Governments all over the world, are cunningly releasing other substances into the atmosphere, while hiding behind the contrails.

A distinguished difference between chem-trail and the contrails is the long duration of the crystal ice clouds formed from hot air released from the planes.

Written by Laura Oneale

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  1. hsaive   September 8, 2013 at 5:04 pm

    Many people have caught jet aircraft spraying aerosols. Hundreds of examples are availabe. The best are taken by high power telescopic lens to reveal aerosols leaking from apparent containers in the belly of the aircraft. There is no longer a question about “conspiracy. The question is how to have the media acknowledge the available science that proves the case for chemtrails far beyond any reasonable doubt. So far, no TV news or newspaper has been willing to take the time or the risk in looking at the science. Major problem is that NASA, NOAA, FAA and all government agencies are sworn to secrecy. they use the same talking points to fool the media that chemtrails are only water vapor. Just like in the Manhattan project, anyone you talked to in govermnement denied knowing anything.

    The beginning of the scientific process is obsevation. Examine this group of clips showing telescopic view several jet aircraf caught in the act..Aircraft with no gap between engine and visible trail a dead giveaway plus jet aircraft leaking aerosols from beneath the belly of the aircraft.

    DHS uses aircraft dumping aerosols in hurricanes

    In 2010, A 300 page “Case Orange” report concludes chemtrails and aerospace scientist confirm chemtrails

    2 documentaries about chemtrails: What in the world are the spraying:

    Much more

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