The Game and Drake Pay Funeral Cost for 5 Ohio Siblings [video]

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The Game and Drake Pay Funeral Cost for 5 Ohio Siblings

Rappers Drake and The Game are joining forces to pay for the funerals for the six people that were killed in a tragic house fire. On Sunday morning in Tiffin, Ohio a fire broke out in a mobile home that quickly consumed the entire home.

Firefighters removed six bodies within 12 minutes after arriving to the scene. All 6, including 5 children, were taken to a nearby hospital but were declared dead.

Anna Angel was at work at the time the fire broke out while her children and boyfriend were home. Angel lost everything she had including her family in this horrific fire.

She lost her 25-year-old boyfriend Timothy Fresch, a son and four daughters. Her oldest child Tiara Angel was 6-years-old, Stormie Huey was 5-years-old, Trinity Huey was 4-years-old, Sunshine Huey who was 3-years-old and her son Domonic Fresch, was only 2-years old.

The manager, Nancy Williams, of the Highland Park Estates Mobile home park had her son contact 911 when she saw the home on fire. She lives in the motor home park as well and knew that there were children inside. Williams said once she got over to the home it was engulfed in flames and there was nothing they could do.

A neighbor said he also tried to help but couldn’t. He said it made him sick watching those babies get dragged out of the home.

Upon hearing of this tragedy The Game decided he had to do something. He said he can take a lot of things but people losing a child, not to mention 5 of them, crushes him every time.

The Game recently made a pledge to donate $1 million dollars, as part of his Robin Hood project, to those in need. At the time he heard about this tragedy he happened to be on a call with another famous rapper, Drake. Drake quickly joined in and the both agreed to cover the funeral for this family of 6.

Angel, who is 30 years old, works at Burger King and they knew she was dealing with more than anyone should have to and they wanted to help out. What better way to help this poor mother than to cover the funeral costs for her? The average funeral is close to six thousand dollars and a job at Burger King wouldn’t begin to cover the cost for 6 people.

Drake confirmed the joint effort by posting on a social network that The Game’s efforts will never be forgotten and that he was honored to join in with his brother and help people in need.

The Game and Drake have joined forces and have brought along the producers of The Game’s reality television show. Together they are donating $22,500 to help with the cost of funeralizing the boyfriend and children of this grieving mother.

Chief of the Bascom Joint Fire District, Harry Miller, said there were about 30 team members from his department that helped the local city’s fire department. They tackled the fire really quickly and were gone from the scene in less than two hours but it was too late for the victims inside the house.

Miller said fires that include children are the hardest to handle; especially when they have new firefighters on the job. They also had EMTs that were new and it was difficult for all of them. This type of tragedy really hits home because they all have children, said Miller.

Rappers have long been known for the art of collaboration; this time it was designed to create a different type of harmony. Each rapper donated $10k and the producers of the show Marrying the Game have donated $2,500.

Anna Angel may have lost her partner and her children but she’s gaining a lot of support from people all over the world.



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)

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