The Kardashians No Longer a Household Name?

The Kardashians No Longer a Household Name?

From reality show, to magazine covers, right down to toning your derriere, the Kardashians may no longer be a word used in your household dictionary of names.

After years of promoting themselves via a reality television show, a slug of Kardashian products, a multitude of magazine covers, marriages, scandalous divorces, an illegitimate but adorable child named after a compass point and now the antics of Lamar Odom, it appears that the network E! may not be Keeping Up With The Kardashians and renewing their contract in 2015.

The network’s decision is based on the threats of Lamar Odom, the womanizing, drug user married to sister Kloe’. The ex-basketball player is about to write a tell-everything book about the Kardashian’s deep dark secrets.

The Kardashian product line sales ranging from beauty, jewelry, laser hair removal, clothing, shoes and more shoes (thank you Kim) are tanking, along with the reality show’s poor ratings. And Lamar, who is threatening to tattle tale on the family’s deep dark secrets, will ultimately taint the Kardashian persona and brand image that America and the world had come to love.

So in Lamar’s tell-all book, what could he say so disastrous that could destroy the entire Kardashian image, and why would he do such a hateful thing to such a nice family?

First of all, once it became public knowledge concerning Odom’s cheating ways and drug abuse, Kloe’ ousted the soon-to-be ex from her home and won’t let him come back. The ex-basketball player has been living in hotels ever since. This style of living does not agree with his ego or bank account.

It is rumored that Kloe’ is filing for divorce from Odom and is using sister Kim’s attorney, who handled Kim’s divorce after her 72-day marriage to basketball player Kris Humphries.

Since a 2009 prenuptial was signed between ex-lovebirds that legally states Lamar is not getting his hands on any of the Kardashian fortune, he is desperate and hard up for some cash. Why not write a book about his famous family and air their dirty little secrets? The bad boy could get a $5 million advance if the book is published which could ultimately destroy the Kardashian household name.

One of the secrets that will be revealed in the book is that his soon-to-be ex-wife is not truly the daughter of Robert Kardashian; a secret Odom is somehow privy to. Depending on who the true daddy is, this bit of information could be shattering for them, yet breaking news for the media!

In the book Lamar could also reveal Kim Kardashian’s true self and what she would do for her love of money. Remember when Lachey (who was married to Jessica Simpson) dated Kim for a two-week period and then stated she was only using him to gain her own fame, resulting in The Kardashian reality show? Sorry, what was Lachey’s first name?

Odom also suggests that his sister-in-law Kim is a self-absorbed monster, who has slept around for fame and that she has a great dislike for her Daddy baby, Kanye West. Odom told a magazine that Kim is not attracted to Kanye and that she thinks the man smells awful in bed. Girlfriend, put some of your Glam on the guy!

And speaking of the Kardashian selling multimillion dollars worth of product, this revenue is no longer faring so well. The public is recognizing the manipulative marketing tricks used by the Kardashians. Brand expert Rob Frankel says trust and value is what shapes a successful product for which the Kardashian clan fails to establish. Marketing, marketing and money is the Kardashian motto. The family will adhere their name on any product that will provide them revenue regardless of quality and cost. Look what happened with their prepaid debit card that the girls so happily pasted their beautiful faces on. Connecticut’s attorney general revoked the card because of the outrageous fees being charged. Thus said, the Kardashian’s show no concern for the money coming out of their fans wallets into the clans’ pocket-book.

The website is a site that was developed allowing the public to sign a petition rejecting many of the Kardashian inferior products. But just as the Kardashian’s product revenues sink, the site is currently up for sale, an indication that the once powerful reality stars and business entrepreneurs may no longer have a name to sell in the American household.

Written by Lisa Graziano

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  1. Donna Walters   October 6, 2013 at 6:56 pm

    Good riddance to bad rubbish .

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