The Laws of Reality – What is Hermetic Philosophy?

The Laws of Reality - What is Hermetic Philosophy?
A depiction of Hermes Trismegistus in the Cathedral in Siena, Italy. Originally constructed in 1215 C.E.

What is Hermetic Philosophy?

Hermetic philosophy is, as I have already mentioned briefly, the teachings from the historic and mythic figure of Hermes Trismegistus. “Trismegistus” is a title that mean “the thrice-great.” It is thought that Hermes was given this title because of his Mastery and teaching of the three sacred arts: astrology, alchemy, and theugry, or occult wisdom.

It is believed Hermes Trismegistus lived before the rise of any of the great civilizations that we know of. The whispered story is that he was ancient before Egypt or Sumeria were founded. Hermes is associated with the many Mystery Schools both of Egypt and afar and it is from his name that we derive “hermetic” which means secret or inescapable. (Think about being “hermetically sealed.”)

The Laws of Reality - What is Hermetic Philosophy?
A stone relief of Thoth from an Egyptian Temple.

Hermes was so loved and revered by the Egyptians they called him a god, Thoth, and deified him as the “Scribe of the Gods.” The Greeks loved him and deified him also as the god Hermes, the “Messenger of the Gods.” Hermes brought great wisdom, but his followers were few and the secrets they kept shrouded them in great mystery.

It is thought that Hermes and his occult philosophy became the root of all religion and spiritual understanding in the world. This may be why there are so many strong common threads throughout every religion and spirituality in the world. If this is true, and there is as of yet no “scientific proof” that he existed beyond the writings attributed to him (although there are some interesting properties of the Emerald Tablets supposedly written by him), then all that we have achieved may be traced to this one man.

As some historians have claimed, these ancient civilizations were not as superstitious and ignorant as we may have first believe. According to the Three Initiates, the authors of The Kybalion, these ancient civilizations had a much more sophisticated understanding of astronomy, chemistry, and science, than we do today. Yet, they focused on not just the physical aspects of these disciplines, but the esoteric, or spiritual, aspects of them as well. Thus, we have astrology, alchemy, and occult wisdom, the deeper, or higher, or more spiritual aspects of these same physical disciplines.

Although, these three aspects of wisdom may not be what is popularly believed.

Astrology is not about understanding people or personalities, it is not some quirky psychological non-sense. It was originally an application of the law “as above, so below,” about the relationship of all things in the Universe. The true heart of astrology, and anyone who has really looked into knows that it is every bit a science, is about the relationship drawn between the movement of the planets and stars and its correlation to worldly, human affairs. It can provide you a rather accurate “weather forecast,” more accurate than actual weather forecasts, about the energies or influences of the day, month, year, decade, etc. It can shed light on a great many things, if you can understand the math, relationships, and symbology behind it all.

The Laws of Reality - What is Hermetic Philosophy?
A depiction of the Greek God Hermes.

In the same way, alchemy is not what is popularly believed. It is not a mad attempt to turn lead into gold and get rich. Nor is it about creating something called a “Philosopher Stone” in order to make an elixir that will grant you eternal youth. Although, according to various Masters in the world, you can actually do that, in this sense it is more about mental transmutation and the transformation of consciousness. One of the laws is “All is Mental” which would imply that mastery over your own mind, as part of the Eternal Living Consciousness, would mean mastery over the world. In this way you can see how one might understand the transformation of thoughts from one to another as extremely useful and powerful. To be able to change a thought, emotion, or reaction from something that doesn’t serve you, like thinking you are limited or disempowered, to something that does serve you, like thinking you are unlimited and extremely powerful, can allow you to transform not only how you think, but your life and the actions you take in it.

Something I have come to learn, and it is both a sad truth and a powerful one, is that you, as a human being, have control over a total of three things: your thoughts, your words, and your actions. Everything else in the world, in life, is completely beyond your control and thinking otherwise merely creates sadness, pain, and suffering. If you really look at yourself, your life, and the life of others, I think you will agree with me. Yet, the powerful thing about this truth is by mastering your thoughts, words, and actions, you can create anything and everything you want in your life.

I encourage you to be a true scientist, which means applying and testing your own hypothesis in the laboratory of your own experience. Do not, as scientists currently do, limit yourself merely to your five senses, but that can be enough to show you something as true or not. Experiment and allow your own experience determine whether something is real or true, or not.

While we will go through each and every law in order and in depth, it is my hope that you can begin to understand the significance of what I am sharing with you. For those of you aware of the “Law of Attraction” movie, book, and teaching, everything you think, speak, and act is what the Universe at large is going to provide you. It is inevitable and scientifically provable. If you think your life is full of sadness, misery, and you are always the victim in every situation, then that is what you are given. If you think your world is amazing, yours for the taking, and full of love and support, then that if what you are given.

Here is a quick little question to ponder, are the rich rich because they feel entitled to their wealth (thus attracting it to them), or are they simply rich and happen to feel entitled? Do they not already understand, on some level, that if they know it to be theirs then it is? By the same token, do you feel your life is a struggle, that nothing comes for free, and everything needs to be “worked hard” for, is that not your reality? What if you changed your thoughts on this, every time and consistently? Granted, I know it is not an easy task, being aware of your every thought, feeling, words, and actions, but it is something that is in our nature, we have just never been encouraged to do it.

As always, I encourage you to disagree, think, engage, and try it out for yourself. If you are honest and focused on trying what I put forth in this series you will see a difference in your life and if you do not, then discard all I have said. Every path leads to truth, eventually, and finding the right tool and path is paramount to make this life truly divine.


Written by: Iam Bloom

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