The New iPhone 5s-Who Needs It?

iphone 5s
iphone 5s

This past weekend broke records as people stood in line to purchase the new iPhone 5s, but come on now. Let us be honest here. Who needs it? Yes it is a wonderful phone but it has no additions which will add astonishment to your existence, cause you to have a better work day, or improve your bank account. (It will be just the opposite after purchasing one.) Now if you are in need of a new phone, then this iPhone is quite a nice piece of equipment and maybe you ought to buy yourself one.  But even then, the phone is not worth more than a few hundred bucks.

The phone, with its different operating system, has received diverse evaluations; yet when it is finally mastered, the software’s litheness is its main advantage. Before now, most people have complained about iOS interfaces being centered on their puffed-up size.  Android phones are still more modifiable, and the iOS 7 is better than previous iOS versions although that is not saying much. It is about as user-friendly as anybody is going to find.

You will not find any actual battery improvement either.  Apple enjoys bragging that the iPhone 5s has a much lengthier battery life, but point of reference testing and much use by numerous specialists seem to show that the features which you will probably most likely use if you happen to purchase one of these new phones will terminate the extra battery power you would receive if this same piece of equipment was still on an older phone. Mobile life can be a very important motive behind the purchase of a new phone and in reality, there is no way enough evidence to back the buying of a new iPhone 5s. Just wanting to show off to your friends that you have the very latest in Apple technology? Is it that important to you? The phone itself is not even that great to look at.

While you are at it, do not even think about dropping the 5s. It is very delicate; much more so than other past iPhones. A normal iPhone is very strong and will last a decent while. This is not the case with the 5s. It is almost a joke how weak this phone truly is. The surface can be scratched so easily that if you have a piece of dried skin on one of your fingers, you can destroy the surface. How “good” it is of Apple to be selling such expensive cases as well?

If gaming is your world, it’s true the 5s is faster, but if your life does not depend on games, then you probably already have a perfectly good phone to play on.  Is your money not better spent on something else you will enjoy more in the long run? Besides, if you already own the iPhone 5c, you’ve got a better phone at a much better price.  You do not need the new iPhone 5s. It is a waste of time, money, and hours of your life having to stand in line.

Written by: Kimberly Ruble

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