GTA V Hidden Easter Eggs: Aliens, Zombies, Creepy Ghosts and Bigfoot

GTA V top easter eggs, aliens, bigfoot, clowns, Jaws etc
With Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V having been released last week, we take a look at some of the best easter eggs the game has on offer

Grand Theft Auto V is creating a massive stir in the gaming fraternity, selling 1.57 million copies on day one, and raking in a handsome $1 billion in the first 72 hours of release. The game has been heralded as a gaming masterpiece, receiving critical acclaim from across the board. Review aggregating sites, such as Metacritic and GameRanking have demonstrated the sheer magnitude of what Rockstar Games has achieved. As things stand, GTA V has garnered unprecedented average review scores of 98 and 97 out of 100, on Metacritic, for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions, respectively.

With many gamers already well on the way to completion, or already having done so, the Las Vegas Guardian Express team has been compiling some of the best easter eggs, secrets and cheats from across the Internet (see sources below for links.)

GTA IV may have been distinctly lacking in the easter egg department, but GTA V is a very different beast. Join us as we check out some of the top easter eggs hunted down by some of the Internet’s finest YouTubers.

WARNING: MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD! Please also be aware that the following YouTube video footage may contain material that some viewers may find offensive. Viewer discretion is advised. Those under the age of 18 should not watch the following clips.

***If you haven’t yet finished GTA V, you may want to reconsider reading on.***

Bigfoot Easter Egg

Firstly, a very observant Redditor has managed to spot quite an amazing easter egg whilst playing GTA V’s “Predator” mission. OscarTheSwede, the Redditor in question, found Bigfoot whilst hunting for a number of guys that Trevor wanted dead. Trevor and Michael take to the air and use thermal imaging to locate the targets amongst the dense foliage of one of Los Santos’ forests.

According to “TheSwede,” to spot the elusive beast, you have to trail your iron sights over to the bottom right-hand corner of the area. But don’t place your weapon directly on Bigfoot, otherwise he will vanish into thin air.

Extraterrestrial Easter Egg

Meanwhile, Mitchell Saltzman, over at GameFront, has uncovered an easter egg during the opening prologue to the game. After nabbing a getaway vehicle, the player is given the option to veer off the side of the road and drive along a frozen lake. Eventually, you will come across an alien entity encased within the ice below.

Unfortunately, your detour will cause you to fail the mission, but it’s well worth checking out.

Returning to San Andreas

Next up is a bit of nostalgia for anybody who played GTA: San Andreas. The below easter egg provides directions on how to access CJ’s house, located in Grove Street of San Andreas. The block is located just south of Franklin’s house, along the road from Grove Street Garage.

Los Santos’ Resident Zombie

The next video is a bit of weird GTA-esque humor. Vinewood has its own resident zombie, spewing forth all kinds of bizarre rhetoric, demanding sustenance in the form of human brains. The video goes on for a lengthy six minutes, so here’s a snapshot of the wannabe zombie’s machinations:

Zombie: I serve no purpose. I eat brains and I have none. I am the undead…

Michael: Ohhh. How you doin’ bro?

Zombie: Ahh, since you ask, I’m wearing makeup, I’m being cuddled by strangers, I’m riddled with self doubt, and I still think I’m better than everyone!

Many thanks to Dynasty for recording and uploading the following YouTube clip:

Red Dead Redemption Easter Egg

As found on IGN’s website, if you peruse through the bookshelf in Franklin’s house, you’ll see a reference to one of Rockstar’s other blockbuster titles, Red Dead Redemption. The book’s author is J. Marston. During Red Dead, John “Jack” Marston mentions that he would like to create a book about his father and the Wild West… it looks like he was a man of his word.

Credit must be given to the very studious YouTuber, MaximumGuarded, for spotting this gem. To see the selection of books, you must zoom into the bookshelf using Franklin’s cell phone.

Back To The Future Reference

Although there’s a lot of Back To The Future references throughout much of the dialogue, between the ambling residents of Los Santos, this one comes in the form of a sign on an electrical box. Click the YouTube video below to see one of Doc. Brown’s classic phrases.

No Country For Old Men Crime Scene

If you’ve seen the Cohen Brother’s No Country For Old Men, you may very well recognize the following scenes, uploaded by the YouTuber Israel Soriano. The easter egg shows the aftermath of a drug deal gone wrong, recreating the crime scene in the most minutia of detail.

Alien Invasion and Killer Clown Easter Eggs

To experience the “alien invasion” easter egg you must visit Barry, as Michael, at the Legalize Weed stand. As a pro-marijuana advocate, Barry hands out samples. As part of the mission objectives, you must then defeat an alien invasion, which is essentially a drug-induced hallucination.

Likewise, to get the “killer clown” easter egg, the player must return to Barry as Trevor. This easter egg is virtually identical to the alien invasion variant, with aliens simply replaced with bloodthirsty clowns.

UFO Easter Egg

Rockstar seems to have a fetish for aliens, as scores of alien easter eggs seem to be floating around the net. The UFO easter egg only materializes once you have 100% completed the entire game, and traverse to Mount Chiliad at night. Lo and behold, in the night skies you will identify a brightly-lit flying saucer.

Another UFO sighting has been observed around Fort Zancudo, near Mount Josiah. Credit goes to DrDamos, over at the GTA Forums, whilst DawnOfTheNerds posted the following video online.

The Shining Easter Egg

GTA V also makes a nice little reference to the Shining, and Jack Nicholson’s character from the movie. As the player, you are able to procure the “Overlooked Red Jacket,” which appears identical to the garment worn by character Jack Torrance from the renowned horror flick. “Overlooked” is an obvious reference to the Overlook Hotel, where Jack and his beleaguered family stayed.

Creepy Ghost Easter Egg

Next up is the creepy ghost of Mount Gordon, which appears between the hours of 23:00 and 00:00. Kudos to RSPProductionz for finding this one.

Jaws Easter Egg

Finally, in our long montage of GTA V easter eggs, we take a look at another film reference. This time, Rockstar has thrown in a homage to Steven Spielberg’s Jaws. Once you’ve been randomly chomped by a shark, anywhere along the ocean of Los Santos, you are presented with an achievement, stating “you needed a bigger boat… or ANY boat!”

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