The X Factor Auditions #5 (Review)


The search and auditions continue on The X Factor. Mario Lopez again announces the four categories, Boys, Girls, Over 25s, and Groups. Auditions come to an end tomorrow night, and there will be a Four Chair Challenge later tonight, according to Mario — sounds exciting!

Melanie Wright, 49, a paralegal, is the first competitor up tonight. Paulina saw that Melanie had gloves on, and she mentioned it — Melanie liked that another judge had them on, too.

Melanie sang “Titanium.” She was unfortunately pretty atrocious. Simon tried to contain his laughter, but it was tough. The judges let it continue to the end of the song.

Simon: “Melanie, why did you chose that song? It was like finding out that Cinderella worked at the Playboy mansion.”

Melanie: “It didn’t work?” Simon: “No, it didn’t work.” All four judges voted “no.”

Simon said: “What the bloody hell was that?” Then he imitated her — funny, though somewhat cruel.

Oksana Mamchur was next — she totally sucked. Paulina: “I don’t know why you chose — music. Four “nos” again

Rob Zarro, 54, with what I hope was a wig on, sang “Born to be Wild.” Suckety, suck, suck!

A guy came out, Ruben Gloria, and tried to sing “Like a Virgin,” by Madonna. “You totally reinvented that song,” Simon said. In an incredibly crappy way, yes. “Nos” again from all four judges.

Finally, we had the first decent competitor up. “My friends say I put a smile on their faces when I sing,” he says. Emory Kelly is his name — the ladies in the audience screamed as he sang. He sang “I Won’t Give Up,” Wonderful, great voice! Kelly looked spellbound. Simon stopped the music; they’d heard enough.

Demi: “I think you’re so cute, and you’re what we’re looking for.”

Simon: “Actually, I didn’t like the song, but you’re like a little unpolished diamond. You can grow.”

He received four big “yeses,” the first competitor of the night to go through to the next stage in the competition.

“My name is Khaya Cohen, I’m 15 years old,” the next competitor says. She’s pretty — she sings “I Love You I Do,” from Dreamgirls. “Okay–that–that song is not working,” Simon says to her.

Kelly: “Do you have a second song?”

Khaya answers: “I Put a Spell On You.” It’s by Nina Simone.

Smoky, smoky goodness, she can hit those high notes, too; Simon’s digging that song way better. She is showing off her incredible pipes with this song — excellent performance!

The audience erupted with cheers and the judges all gave her a standing ovation.

Simon: “That is what we’ve been waiting for.”

Demi: “I honestly can’t believe that voice is coming out of a 15-year-old.”

Simon: “I absolutely love you — you’re a little like Amy Winehouse, and Adele.” All four judges easily gave her “yeses.”

“Thank you so much!” Khaya said. “I have the X-Factor,” she added, making the sign across her chest of the X — and, she really does.

This guy introduced himself who has an extremely high speaking voice. He sang that way, too — the song was “Skyscraper,” by Demi Lovato.

Kelly: “I think you would do great on some other kind of a show, like Sesame Street.”

Demi: “I think that you are so adorable and so unique.”

Simon: “I promise you that you will get a lot of calls after this show.”

Next up was a guy who was a pest exterminator who wanted to become a shining star. The women in the audience thought he looked handsome, and screamed their appreciation of him. He’s there with his “wife and two beautiful daughter.” He tells Simon, who asks, that “I was on Season One.”

It’s James Kenney, and he sings “It’s Summertime and the Livin’ is Easy.” Kelly to Simon: “I like this version — it has a lot of soul.” Everybody in the audience stands up and applauds.

Demi: “Those riffs are crazy. I mean, that’s a really sexy song.”

Simon: “Actually, I think that the song choice was brilliant.” Simon says: “Jake, I’m delighted to say ‘yes,’ also.”He gets four “yeses.”


Up a little bit later, a competitor proposes to his girlfriend onstage….

The next two guys who sing both get four “yeses” from the judges. They are great!

Then, Isaiah Alton sings –he is wonderful!

We see a montage of acts who all go on to the next round.

Then, David Grey is up. “I’m auditioning today for my girlfriend,” he says He tells the judges he’s doing it out of love. We see him backstage before the show, asking his girlfriend’s hand in marriage. Her dad agrees–he sings the Usher song “Nice and Slow.”

Unfortunately, he’s not a particularly good singer, though. Simon stops the music. “When you say that you are doing this for love, what did you mean?”

He tells them he did it because of his girlfriend. Lauren comes onstage to sing, and Simon asks her: “Why did you make him do this?”

Kelly: “I have a question: What are you doin’ girl?”

Lauren sings “Teenage Dream” by Katy Perry. She does much better than her boyfriend, though not super great.

Simon stops the music. Her boyfriend comes onstage, and says: “I want to tell you something. I love you more than anything in the world.”

He got down on his knees and proposed to her; she, of course, said “yes.” Simon had a big smile on his face.

Paulina: “You guys are going to have beautiful babies.” Neither one goes on to the next round, though they both go a much more important (though not monetarily important) “yes” from each other.

Back in Denver, Colorado — Simon is running late, but the girls are going on without him.

The first one up is Tim Olstad, 23, from Minnesota. “I don’t want my nerves to get in the way to mar my performance.”

Demi: “Do you ever get in trouble? Tell me something crazy about you. Tell me something crazy and unexpected.”

He says that his mom “kicked him out of the classroom.”

Demi: “You’re a wild child.”

He sings: “A Thousand Years.” He does really, really great with this song!

Demi: “Damn!’ meaning, “Damn — you sing good, guy!”

The audience gives him a standing ovation. Kelly: “I feel like your voice just came over me like a blanket of love. I’m in love; I’m in love.”

Demi: “I got chills! You don’t have to be edgy! People will really, really like you!”

Paulina: “You were just great — so, congratulations!”

Demi: “I really think that you were born for this — so, yes.”

He got three votes from the women. Demi and Kelly said to each other: “He’s so cute!”

Simon gets back, and apologizes for being late.

He says he “heard someone who was really good. Someone singing ‘A Thousand Years?”

Yeah, that’s the one, Simon!

More commercials….Then, in Long Island, the next competitor back from the break is Wesley Mountain, 19. He seems to have a crush on Kelly Rowland, calling her “amazing” and “beautiful.”

Simon: “Look at you, all happy. What’s your name?”

Simon: “You like Kelly?”

He said: “A lot!” He walked up and kissed Kelly’s hand.

Simon: “You better get back up there. And, you’ve got to stop panting. Seriously, or you won’t be able to sing.”

He sings “Wanted,” by Hunter Hayes. The audience stood up and gave him an ovation. Simon: “That was actually very good.”

Kelly: “Okay, he’s a Casanova!”

Kelly (again): “You know, at first I thought you were kind of creepy. But, you are a really good singer.”

They all gave him “yeses.”

After Wesley leaves the stage, Simon says to Kelly: “He was literally panting!”

Celine Polanky, 16, is next. She sings “When You Believe.” What a fantastic voice!

Simon stops the music: “Was it perfect? No. Do you have awesome potential? Yes.”

“Celene, four big fat ‘yeses.’ Congratulations,” Simon says.

Bree Randal, 23, sings “Treasure,” by Bruno Mars.

Demi: “There’s something about you that I think will go far in this competition.” All four judges give her “yeses.”

Primrose Martin was up next, singing “Nobody’s Perfect”by Jessie James.

Demi: “Absolutely freakin’ yes. You’re phenomenal.” Four more “yeses.”

Then, we heard Summer Reign, 17, singing “Impossible.”

Demi: “You’re a little diva.”

Simon: “You’re a little pop star.” She gets four “yeses” from the judges.

Rickey Clark, Jr., 19, is up. He looks kind of like Usher.

“Oh, my gosh! I love you so much!” he says to Kelly.

He sings “Superstition,” by Stevie Wonder.

He asks “Everybody! Stand up on your feet!” and the entire audience does just that. Simon stops the music. “Ricky. I like you; I just don’t like your voice.”

Kelly: “What didn’t you like about his voice?”

Simon: “It sounded to low and off-key.”

Demi: “I’m going to have to say no, but keep trying.”

Ricky: “Always.”

Kelly: “Rickey, it’s a ‘no’ for now.” He started crying; Kelly went up and gave him a big hug, and words of encouragement.

Demi and Paulina aren’t there when we come back from the commercial break. For a singer to pass on to the next round, he/she must get both Simon’s and Kelly’s votes.

Lorie Moore, 34, professional football player, sings Whitney Houston’s classic song “I Have Nothing.” She has a very beautiful voice, and sings with a lot of passion! The audience goes wild, screaming their appreciation of her great singing.

Simon: “Wow! Wow, wow, wow, wow!”

Kelly really loved her voice, and Simon said “That was more than an audition; that was a performance! You’re really, really, good!” She got four “yeses.”

The first group of the night is up. They’re a duo, “Second Hand High.” They guy of the two says that they’re engaged.

Simon: “So, you’re engaged now?”

She tells Simon “no.”

Simon doesn’t look impressed — he looks kind of puzzled. Finally, he starts to smile; but that could be because Kelly was doing a little dance in her seat.

Some people in the audience got up to dance — then, Kelly left her seat and danced around, though I think she was joking.

The female of the duo asked Simon if he wanted to “ask for a dance.” He yelled out an emphatic “no”!

He added: “I think you should change the name of your group to ‘Deluded.'”

Kelly said that she actually kind of liked the song.

Demi: “The song was actually catchy, but I’ll have to say “no.”

Tomorrow night, the auditions on The X Factor conclude. The judges have a tough decision, as they will say who will move on to the next round. I thought that the “4-Chair Challenge” was going to be tonight; but, Mario said it wouldn’t be until later on, tomorrow night. The judges will also decide which categories they will coach and mentor.

Please check out my review of tomorrow night’s episode after it airs, and give this page a “Like”!


Written by: Douglas Cobb

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