Tim Tebow’s Ego Might Shorten His NFL Career [video]

Starting From Scratch

Starting From ScratchTim Tebow claimed his cut from the Patriots team was a blessing that won’t stop him.  He says he’s too stubborn to stop and he’s only going to play in the NFL in a quarterback position.

An undisclosed team inquired about Tebow this week but he would have to consider another position to play on their team; he declined.  Since he is unwilling to play another spot on any team it’s looking as if his ego is going to hinder his dreams for an NFL career.  The Patriots may have been his final straw in the major leagues.

Many believe that he would have another chance if he was willing to bow out of the quarterback position, even if temporarily, to try tight end or maybe even H-back but he is not open to any of those options.

Kurt Warner said that if he is really serious about ever becoming another NFL quarterback for any team he needs to show them what he can do by playing in a minor league to prove himself.  Warner says right now he needs to find arenas where he can hone his skills.  Even if it means playing in Canada or somewhere like that; he needs to take whatever opportunity he can to play as much football possible.  Tebow has said that if “NFL and “Quarterback” aren’t both apart of the deal he won’t even consider it.

Tebow needs to learn fast that life can sometimes be riddled with embarrassment: waiting, pushing, standing only to be informed that those efforts weren’t enough.  These are times when people are forced to start over by going to the back of the line.   Everyone would much rather have a restart button that allows them to pick right up at the point of their last disappoint.  This is generally not how life works.

The key to starting again from “scratch” is to perform an autopsy on the situation by identifying what happened then assessing what needs to happen next in order to get back on course as soon as possible.  Here are a few points that can help Mr. Tebow or anyone else that feels as if life has landed them in this predicament:

  • Differentiate between guilt and shame: There is a grave difference between feeling guilty or experiencing shame. Shame says I am something wrong where guilt says I did something wrong.  Perhaps Tebow hasn’t played as well as he could have or perhaps he gave it his all and it wasn’t NFL worthy.  The first would lead to guilty feelings because the best foot wasn’t put forward.  Shame would fall under the latter and have him feel the burden of self condemnation.  Whatever the issue is identifying where the excess ego is stemming from is the first thing that needs to happen before moving forward.
  • Don’t get stuck viewing life from back there: Many times when people experience a setback they immediately start viewing it as a new normal.  If the intention is not to stay there don’t get used to viewing life from back there.  Instead, take time to hone the skills that once propelled you to the front of the line.  Life won’t stop until you do but sometimes starting over is a part of the process; it’s all about keeping things in perspective and chances are it won’t be long before you’re back on track.
  • Use what works and shelf the rest: Sometimes people have to leave their comfort zone for a temporary adjustment in life.  This only works when people are secure in themselves and not the title that their talent has afforded them.  When that skill set is expired or needs an upgrade don’t be afraid to do what works for the situation at hand.  It’s a dangerous thing to find oneself in a place called yesterday.  Learn to use what works and shelf what doesn’t while keeping your eye on the desired outcome.

Life can be like a pendulum with our dreams swinging back and forth.  The key to winning in life is finding the ability to bounce back after a setback.  No one wants to go to the back of the line but sometimes starting from scratch is what’s necessary in order to make a comeback.

The pattern of Tebow’s career indicates that right now he’s not good enough to occupy a quarterback position in the NFL. If he ever intents to he will either need to start from scratch or try another league.  If not, his ego may cut his career short.



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)