NYC: Brooklyn Baby Killers Caught by Cops

NYC: Brooklyn Baby Killers Caught by Cops
Baby Killer, Dequan Breland, 23
NYC: Brooklyn Baby Killers Caught by Cops
Accomplice, Dequan Wright, 19

The killers of 16-month old Antiq Hennis, shot dead while being pushed in his stroller by his father Anthony Hennis in Brooklyn, New York over Labor Day Weekend, have been caught by the police.

The two killers, Dequan Breland, 23, and Dequan Wright, 19, had been hiding out in crime-ridden Sherman Hills in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., 130 miles away, at an apartment that belonged to a cousin of Breland.

The two suspects are now in police custody, following an early morning raid on Friday.  A warrant had been issued for their arrest – Wright for weapons possession and Breland for violating a 2011 parole.  After receiving confirmation from an unnamed woman, believed to be Wright’s sister, whom Breland was dating, that the two suspects could be found at Apartment 619 of Building 328, the police made their move.

According to Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly’s statement at a press conference, the police knocked on the door to the apartment, but received no response.  The officers then had to break open the door to gain access to the apartment.  What they found at the rear of the building was Breland on the floor while Wright was on the bed.

Investigators have said that Dequan Wright was seen handing Dequan Breland a .45-caliber revolver.  Breland, with Wright by his side, had wildly fired four rounds at Anthony Hennis, 21, a reputed member of the Crips, for whom the bullets were intended. The gunman completely missed Hennis, but one did hit his 16-month baby in the head, eventually killing him.

NYC: Brooklyn Baby Killers Caught by Cops
Father, Anthony Hennis, 21, intended victim

According to The New York Post, once he had fired the shots, Breland was heard to boast:

“I shot that motherf*****!”

But then an eyewitness reportedly shouted back:

“No you idiot, you shot the kid!”

As soon as Breland discovered that he had hit the baby, he became distraught.  A source then told The Post that Breland began to cry.

Court records show that Hennis, the intended victim, has reportedly been arrested twenty-five times for offenses that were drug-related.  The police are also certain that the shooting was the result of some sort of dispute.  The same source also told The Post that people in the area were afraid of Hennis and his family.  Hennis is still refusing to cooperate with police.

The arrest of the pair fell on the day of baby Antiq’s funeral, where mourners gathered, still in shock and distress at the senseless killing of an innocent baby, who’s life was ended so abruptly and horrendously, all because of a dispute his father had with another gang member.

NYC: Brooklyn Baby Killers Caught by Cops
Still in shock and distress, funeral of Baby Antiq Hennis
NYC: Brooklyn Baby Killers Caught by Cops
Mourning: Cheryl Steele, great aunt of Baby Antiq

Both men were said to waive extradition at the hearing in front of Judge Joseph Sklarosky Jr. at Luzerne County, which meant that custody of the two criminals was instantly transferred to the New York Police Department and they were taken back to Brooklyn.

The District Attorney for Luzerne County, Stefanie Salavantis, said that both Dequan Breland and Dequan Wright are likely to face very long sentences under State law, which would have jurisdiction over Luzerne, following the murder of an innocent baby in Brooklyn, in the state of New York.

NYC: Brooklyn Baby Killers Caught by Cops
1-year old Antiq Hennis

By: Brucella Newman


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