True Blood to Dry Up After Season Seven

True Blood to Dry Up After Season Seven

HBO has announced that when season seven of True Blood ends so will the series. The river of blood will dry up, to pump no more. Fans of the series will be saddened to see the residents of Bon Temps, Louisiana fade into that good night.

The show about vampires, shapeshifters, fairies and the people who populate the small Louisiana locale will end. It seems that the life of the show has been linked to the life of the popular books. Charlaine Harris has just published her last novel in her series, Southern Vampires, that the show is based on.

Fans of the books already know that the series has deviated a good deal from its source. Harris said in an interview in 2011 that she could not envision how the television program would end. She explained that her character’s were not the same and because of the differences have not shared the same experiences.

It is agreed that the first four seasons did loosely follow the books. But one of the most popular characters in the TV show was killed off in the books pretty quickly. Lafayette Reynolds, played to perfection by Nelsan Ellis, is the gay black short order cook. He actually dies early on in the Harris books, but proved so popular that the producers of the show opted to keep Lafayette alive.

The television show also opted to move out of the small Louisiana town to enjoy a bit more creative freedom.

Season five saw the creation of Billith, season six attempted a return to the show’s roots. Sookie has changed from her first introduction to fans of the series. Once the paramour of Bill Compton, she now is paired up with a werewolf (shapeshifter).

HBO has taken the option to drive a stake through the heart of the program and True Blood’s freshets of blood will be allowed to dry up after the seventh season. Showrunner Brian Bruckner released a statement that said, “As we take a final walk through Bon Temps together, we will do our very best to bring Sookie’s story to a close with heart, imagination and, of course, fun.

The president of HBO, Michael Lombardo, said that the series has been a “defining show” for the network. He also said that it would be hard to say so long to the residents of the small Louisiana town.

Perhaps the writing on the wall for the show came when Game of Thrones took over from True Blood as favorite HBO show. Once you’ve been knocked off top spot, your days are numbered. No matter how many people want to do bad things with you.

True Blood held a special place in viewers hearts. Romance, vampires, magic, and fairies all existed in a world where “imitation” blood could be supped by vampires who were allowed to cohabit the world of the living. A completely different look at the vampire mythos and all its trappings.

The font of True Blood will dry up after season seven, but the characters will still be loved in the imaginations of all who watched the show. Charlaine Harris changed the feel of Southern Gothic and vampire fiction and HBO took her lead and brought it to life. We will miss Sookie and company alot.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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