U.S. Doesn’t Need to Be in Syria

U.S. Doesn't Need to Be in Syria
No one ever think of the history of the people of the Middle East. By this is mean, go back over a thousand years or more and then think of today. The people, of that region, still hold the same old grudges and want to live and think the same old way. Nothing ever changes in that region of the world. Yet, we the people of the United States and other major Nations want these people to think the way we think, act the way we act and be democratic. No way will they do this.

These people want change, in a way, because they want to manipulate us and hood wink us into giving them what they want. Then, as soon as they get it, they revert back to the same old ways of the olden days and things are back to where it started and, we the people, are right back to where we were in the beginning, trying to settle their disputes.

Syria is a prime example, as well as Iraq and others. We help them, we fight their battles, we give them money, we set up a government (letting them think they are doing it), and we slowly leave them to do as we do. Never happen and never will. Our best bet is to let them settle their own in house wars and worry about it when is spills into our interests, not before. By then they will have encroached into other peoples interest and we will have more of a consensus of the world letting us take them out, once and for all, instead of piece by piece and not having the world on our side. Then, when we need a little help, we will get it.

Remember, Russia was in Afghanistan before we were and look at what happened to them. Now they are with Syria and, if history is any indication, they will eventually meet the same fate. Sure, Syria is killing their own people but, remember, they were doing this long before there was a U.S. and will continue to do so whether we try to stop them or not. Let’s sit back and watch until we have no other choice when it has spilled over onto interests that we can’t overlook and neither can the world.

Written By: Robert Threatt

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