US Ranks as the 17th Happiest Country in the World

US Ranks as the 17th Happiest Country in the World
The US may not be the happiest country in the world, but they are happier than nations such as Rwanda who ranked low on the survey. Denmark, Norway, and Switzerland were ranked highest as the happiest countries. The survey was given by the UN and focused on the years 2010-2012. Participants were asked to rate their happiness from 0-10. The survey focused on life expectancy,whether they had someone to count on,freedom of choice,corruption and generosity. The countries with lower economic status were listed as least happiest..

In my opinion, I feel this country is so wealthy compared to others..Where movie stars, athletes, singers, and politicians make millions of dollars..Nurses and teachers get paid less in comparison.I am sure the US is still considered the land of the free..

I believe happiness is a choice..We all have bills to pay, health issues to deal with, families to support..But we can choose how we view our own personal situation..Speaking as someone who has stage 4 breast cancer, I have many choices. I can choose to die of cancer while I am living or live with cancer and find joy in each day. Or you can move to Switzerland and eat chocolate and cheese. I know that would make me very happy.

Written By: Susan Seymour

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