War is Good Business and Only the Innocent Suffer

War is Good Business and Only the Innocent Suffer

A Political and Social Commentary by Alfred James

The history of mankind is measured by wars.  Humans are aggressive by nature, and the proclivity for violence has been demonstrated by all civilizations.  None have been more warlike than the Roman Empire, and the United States of America.

Although the people of America have marched in protest against war hundreds of times, our government insists on committing acts of destruction and immorality against the innocent citizens of other countries.  Years ago a politician made the statement ‘war is good business.’  He was absolutely correct.  During the Iraq war Cheney and Wolfowitz increased their wealth having been heavily invested in the military-industrial complex.  Only the innocent suffer in war.  The rich get richer, and the country’s leaders seldom suffer any loss.

Ancient Rome was continually at war.  They became the most powerful and affluent nation in the world as they destroyed entire civilizations.  The United States has been at war throughout my entire lifetime with the exception of the Jimmy Carter Presidency.

President Obama is lobbying congress to support a military strike on Syria.  He claims that President Bashar Assad used chemical weapons against his own people.  United Nations inspectors did discover that sarin gas was used near Damascus, but there is no definitive proof regarding which side used it.  Nevertheless, he is eager to take action and release missiles into the country.  What will be accomplished?

Experts claim that they will have no effect on the struggle between Assad and the rebel forces.  They don’t mention the fact that innocent civilians will most likely be killed by the Cruise missiles.

The situation in Syria poses no danger to Americans, or American resources.  Why should we become involved?

The opposing sides are the forces of a despotic leader, and those led by al-Qaeda.  The people of Syria are seeking asylum in other countries such as Turkey and Jordan by the hundreds of thousands.  The innocent citizens of Syria are in a lose, lose, situation.

Terrorism will continue to be a constant threat to the western world as long as hatred for America grows among the Arab world and the nations who practice the Islamic faith.  This is their battle.  Not a single reason exists for the United States to get involved in yet another middle-Eastern conflict.

Obama is seeking congressional approval, but is ignoring the wishes of the American people.  Two long wars helped to ruin the economy and killed thousands of military, and hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women, and children.  United States involvement in the region has been no less than a disaster.

War is good business.  Economies flourish while the lives and livelihood of thousands of innocent people suffer.

Waging any form of war costs our country millions of dollars.  Our government is eager to go to war and spend billions of dollars, but shows no concern about domestic problems important to the American people.  Congress claims we lack the funds to support Medicare and social security.  We’ll never have money for programs we need if the majority of tax dollars are spent waging wars.

A hundred thousand missile strikes against Syria will never remove Assad from power.  The only outcome would be the ruination and death of thousands of innocent people.

A poll out Wednesday shows that the American people oppose any form of interference in Syria by and overwhelming number.  Why don’t our representatives listen to us?  They are supposed to be working for us, not against us.

Our government isn’t broken, it has become a self-serving dictatorial group who take actions that affects them, not the American people.  Our Congressmen and Senators continue to stockpile wealth at the expense of those who elect them.  For them, war is good business; for the rest of us it is misery.

Alfred James