Senator McCain Opposes New Proposal for Syrian Strike [video]

Hard Blow to Congress

Hard Blow to CongressThe Arizona Republican, John McCain, says he does not support the most recent Senate resolution to authorize military force against Syria. Senator McCain, who was President Obama’s biggest cheerleader for a strike in Syria, has now said that he does not support the use of force.

The senator’s new viewpoint poses a setback of the administration’s goal to gain support from Congress for an attack. McCain says that he knows that many are not happy with his decision but as it stands now he does not support it. He says the new language of the Senate concerning the president’s desire for Syria military intervention is too limited.

The Arizona senator has been an outspoken supporter of intervention against Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime. He doesn’t want the limited action and definitely says more than cruise missile strikes are necessary.

The revised plan was released on Tuesday evening; it forbids combat operations on the ground and restricts President Obama to a window of 90 days to use force against Syria. He said the new resolve has no reference to altering the battlefield momentum. McCain said his top priority, which is to arm the Free Syrian Army, is not mentioned. The Free Syrian Army is the Syrian rebel group McCain has worked with.

The government worked hard to gain support from Senator McCain and Senator Lindsey Graham. So this change of heart is a strong blow to Congress. It seems the new resolve was outlined partially to take the edge off concerns other members have about the possibility of an unlimited Syrian war.

A tentative meeting is planned for later today to provide clarity on the new plans and hopefully to vote on the new resolution.

McCain has vowed to vote against the proposed resolution unless President Barack Obama promises greater support to Syria’s rebels. As it stands now Senator John McCain says he does not support it.



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)

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