Zimmerman Back in Police Custody: Still Playing with Guns (Update)

Arrested Again

Arrested AgainGeorge Zimmerman is still playing with guns. Zimmerman was taken into custody following another gun incident in Central Florida. This incident involves his wife and father-in-law, Colin Morgan and occurred at the parents of Shellie Zimmerman’s home; his estranged wife.

Police in Lake Mary County were called to the home on Sprucewood Road following a report received on Monday afternoon concerning an altercation which involves Zimmerman. The Police are still trying to conclude what exactly took place.

Shellie’s attorney, Kelly Sims, told ABC News that Zimmerman pulled a knife on her after she found a gun in the house they shared. He then pulled a firearm on her and her father after a verbal altercation went sour.

This incident occurred only days after his estranged wife filed for divorce. She also recently discussed details of her relationship with Zimmerman during a television interview. She has stated that George Zimmerman is selfish and he feels invincible. He has been stopped twice for speeding since his acquittal in the death of Treyvon Martin.

George Zimmerman is being held by police following this domestic incident involving a gun, police said; He has not been charged with any crime.

Zimmerman’s estranged wife initially reported to a 911 dispatcher that Zimmerman has his hand on a firearm while sitting outside of her parent’s home.  She recently changed her story to say that she never actually saw a gun but was afraid because she wasn’t sure what he was capable of.

There was a gun present but may not have been directly involved with the case.  Zimmerman has since been released.



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)

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  1. A. Moore   September 9, 2013 at 1:25 pm

    George Zimmerman should be in prison for murdering Trayvon Martin.


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