Adrian Peterson’s Son Killed by Serial Abuser [video]

Patterson Is a Repeat Offender

Patterson is a Repeat OffenderJoseph Robert Patterson was arrested for aggravated assault on an infant and has been detained for the murder of Adrian Peterson’s 2-year-old son. The son of Minnesota Vikings running back died in a Sioux Falls hospital on Friday from abuse by his own mother’s boyfriend.

Patterson, 27, is no stranger to the world of abuse. He has previous records for domestic abuse on file.  The most recent is for another woman and child. He plead guilty to simple assault in that case with the female and her juvenile son. As a result, he was ordered to stay away from the victim and received a suspended sentence.

After Patterson was arraigned on Friday, the Lincoln County prosecutor’s office decided that Patterson should serve out the two year-long sentences that had been previously suspended. The first sentence was for the assault and the second was because he ignored the order to stay away from the victim. Those motions were intended to be heard later this month but in lieu of the additional charges pending, Patterson will undoubtedly be locked up for a very long time.

According to court records, Patterson has fathered another son with a Sioux Falls woman. As in prior relationships, this woman had asked for an order of protection twice. She said he choked, punched and threatened her with a knife. Then he held her against her will in the bedroom.

For some reason the mother decided not to pursue permanent orders, so they were voluntarily dropped in 2010 and 2011. Patterson’s child lives with his mother; she refused to comment on the situation when asked.

Patterson was charged, in 2012, with simple assault against the mother and was ordered to stay away from her while he underwent family violence training; which was also part of the order.
In Jackson County, where Patterson attended high school, another woman applied for a protection order against him in 2004.

According to Sioux Falls police the relationship between Patterson and the mother of Peterson’s son was fairly new.

The incident with Patterson and the victim took place in Patterson’s Platinum Valley apartment where the 2-year-old and his mother recently joined his living quarters as residents. According to police the boy’s mother was not home at the time the injury took place.

On Wednesday evening Patterson called 911 to report an accidental choking at his apartment and medical emergency. When first responders got to the apartment the boy was unresponsive and rushed to the hospital, however once the child got to the hospital it became quite clear that the injuries the boy sustained were not accidental.

The medical staff said that the injuries the toddler suffered were head related. They added that those injuries of this magnitude were obviously not an accident but were a clear indication that abuse had taken place.

The police was immediately notified and several detectives were dispatched to speak to people in the neighborhood to try to find out what happened. What they did conclude was that the injuries took place that only two people were in that apartment; Joseph Patterson and the 2-year-old.

Patterson was arrested and later learned on Friday morning that his cash bond was set at $750,000. This was before the child died; now he awaits pending charges.

Peterson took to his twitter account, after the news surfaced about his son’s death, to thank his fans and NFL family.

In a combination of three tweets he thanked his family and fans for their support. He said the NFL is a brotherhood and he is thankful for all the phone calls, tweets and texts from his fellow players. He ended with a final thank you and asked God to bless everyone.

Peterson said he does intend to play on Sunday because football is like therapy and helps him through difficult times. He said he will be ready to roll because he’s focused on getting a win on Sunday. He also said he will always fall back on the game because football and his teammates are what he needs right now. When he goes through difficult things in his life playing the game he loves helps him release his stress.

Police initially arrested Joseph Robert Patterson, 27, for aggravated assault against an infant. Since that time the victim has died and Patterson will remain in custody until he is sentenced.



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)