Why the Chargers Will Beat the Colts on Monday Night Football

The San Diego Chargers will score an upset on Monday Night Football and beat the Indianapolis Colts.
The San Diego Chargers will score an upset on Monday Night Football and beat the Indianapolis Colts.

The San Diego Chargers have fallen down to Earth a bit after a surprisingly hot start. Without Norv Turner at head coach, this team has looked like it has finally woken up and began to live up to its potential. However the Indianapolis Colts are coming to town on Monday Night Football, and given their 4-1 start are the favorite to win on the road.

San Diego may just be 2-3 at the moment, but they will reach .500 with an upset win on the national stage over the Colts.

Rather than break down stats and save the real reason the Colts will lose to the Chargers until the end, lets get it out there right away.

Last week the Colts upset the Seattle Seahawks. Now, beating a top tier team would make one want to put their money on the Colts, but that would not be wise.

No team that has won in 2013 the week after playing the Seahawks.

The reason for that, Seattle’s physical play takes its tole on opponents both during their game, and in the week after. These lingering effects have played a role in every opponent of Seattle dropping its next game so far in 2013.

Don’t believe it? As they say, the proof is in the pudding.

In week two Carolina lost a heart-breaker as time expired to Buffalo despite being a three point favorite.

The following week the Colts benefited from the theory when they upset San Francisco, who was favored to win the game by ten points. Talk about an upset. That loss exposed some chinks in the 49ers’ armor.

Benefiting again from the theory, the Colts outdid their previous effort against the 49ers by demolishing the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars by 34 points. I know, the Jaguars probably would have lost anyway, given that quarterback Blaine Gabbert has a dreadful 1.8 Total QBR on the season so far.

In week five the Houston Texans followed up a painful loss to the Seahawks at home with a more painful loss to the 49ers. San Francisco took out its aggression on Matt Schaub and the Texans, making the game a 31 point blowout.

Week six will not see the pattern broken, as the Colts will travel to San Diego battered and bruised, and the Chargers will capitalize.

If you’ve read my articles for any period of time, you may have already heard me talk about my second reason for why the Chargers will upset the Colts. San Diego played the Philadelphia Eagles in their home opener this year. For the past four seasons the team that has played in Philly’s home opener has gone on to win the Super Bowl. Should the Chargers lose they would be 2-4 and have only a minuscule shot at making the playoffs given there are two undefeated teams ahead of them in the AFC East. This is an important game.

Alright, enough with the weird stats, the Chargers will use the resurgent Phillip Rivers to light up a Colts defense that at times has looked vulnerable this season. Almost allowing the Raiders and Terrelle Pryor to come from behind and win in week one is a great example of this. Rivers has been on fire this year, and the Colts won’t be able to put it out.

On top of that they have finally found a playmaking running back. Ryan Matthews has long been advertised as someone who could make a huge impact carrying the ball, but its Danny Woodhead who has actually developed into that guy for the Chargers. His pass catching ability has enabled him to take more and more snaps away from Matthews and he now is the number one in San Diego.

While San Diego’s defense has not exactly been good either, it will be good enough to win a shootout. A long week and a home game in front of a national audience will be enough to put them over the edge in this shootout in the making.

San Diego will upset the Colts. You heard it here first.

Charlie Gille

Senior Sports Editor

The Guardian Express

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