Lindsay Lohan Wants to Open a Rehab Facility

Lindsay Lohan Wants to Open a Rehab Facility

Rumor has it that Lindsay Lohan wants to seek out investors to help her open her own rehab facility. It seems she wants to help others to achieve and maintain their own sobriety. It is possible that this is only a rumor though it is reported that “an insider” for Lohan released this statement on the matter:

“Lindsay really wants to help other people and she’s talked to some of her wealthy friends who are sober about the prospect of opening up a rehab center. She loves the idea and really believes that if her name is attached to it, it will help draw attention to sobriety. Lindsay is telling friends that she knows what works and doesn’t work when it comes to treatment. She feels that she’s in the right frame of mind now to give advice to other young people who have their own problems.”

It is no secret that Lohan has plenty of experience with rehab facilities. She has gone through six rehab stints of her own since 2007, with stays in well known rehab centers such as Promises, UCLA’s facility and Betty Ford. She has also struggled immensely with maintaining her sobriety and her drug and legal difficulties have managed to overshadow her impressive acting career.

Her latest round of treatment seems to be sticking better than others and, to her credit, she has managed to remain sober for about three months this time. She appears to be making better decisions that are focused on health.

For example, her most recent controversy has been her decision not to travel overseas immediately following her release from rehab because she wanted to protect her sobriety. The director for the movie she was meant to help promote spoke publicly about his displeasure with her choice, but she stayed sober despite his disapproval.

Even with the promising progress Lindsay Lohan is likely not ready to run a rehab facility like the one she wants to open. Addiction is an illness that creates great difficulties in judgement and Lindsay Lohan is no exception to this rule. The fact that she is following through with her own treatment is encouraging, but she is not ready to counsel others just yet. Many addiction experts caution that the first year is the time when the most relapses occur and addiction is a chronic disease with an incredibly high relapse rate. While Lohan may feel that she has a great deal of experience in sobriety, she has yet to reach the one year mark.

Lohan’s current treatment plan has her going to her court ordered therapy until November of 2014, taking her past the one year milestone. Sobriety is a long battle. Her enthusiasm for getting well is admirable and hopefully it can carry her through the challenges she will undoubtedly have to face during her recovery.

A future with a Lindsay Lohan who has maintained long term sobriety that wants to open a rehab facility is not a bleak future to look forward to, however. Since these reports are little more than rumors, it is hard to know what Lohan is really envisioning with these plans. Let us hope she continues to fare well in her pursuit of health.

Written by: Vanessa Blanchard

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