Africa Seeking to Exit the International Criminal Court


What would it mean if the African leaders left the International Criminal Court (ICC)? Former UN secretary-general Kofi Annan said it would be to protect the leaders and not the people of the African countries. He went on to say that perpetrators were not arrested and prosecuted for some of the worst crimes committed against many African victims. Kofi Annan described the African continent as one that has experienced the worst conflict, gross violations of human rights and genocide. He was surprised to hear his critics question whether the pursuit of justice might restrict the search for peace.

The leaders of the African Continent met on Friday in Ethiopia, to discuss their departure from the ICC. There was a strong warning from over 142 African human rights and activists groups who called on these leaders to support the ICC and not quit.

Kofi Annan, a respected person and a man who knows the African continent leaders and the organizational structures present in Africa, make perfectly logical sense with his comments.

The traditional dictatorships in many African countries would not be held liable for their gruesome acts if the ICC withdrawal took place. It is all about protecting their greedy corrupt lifestyles and not taking responsibility for their actions. The Sudanese leader is another criminal being investigated by the ICC and the Darfur region. African Union countries do not cooperate with the ICC as some countries refuse to facilitate and bring the criminals to task.

Several crimes against humanity are currently happening and the Kenyan presidential Kenyatta is among one of the more serious ethnic violent crimes forcing Kenya to object to the ICC in the strongest possible terms.

We need only to recall the dictatorship leaders in Congo, Zimbabwe and other countries in Africa to understand the fear they must live with. These wicked and unjustly leaders will take drastic measures to ensure their safety and avoid criminal charges for the horrendous crimes they committed.

The Africans are destructive and wherever they have taken control of shows the spiraling ruins of breaking down the once viable infrastructure for the sake of corruption.

The mass murders and killing of innocent people are forever embedded into their memory and will continue to make them commit more crimes in order to stay in power until they die.

There is a special place in Hell for all these unjustly, greedy, horrible people who continue to keep the rivers of blood flowing among their own people for the sake of power.

It is a known fact that all government leaders and their ministers live opulent lifestyles and favor nepotism. Millions of Africans on the continent continue to live in squalor and scrounge the land for morsels of food to survive.

The unscrupulous leaders will leave the ICC for one reason only, and that is to protect themselves.

The world must insist that their exit from the ICC would automatically cancel their membership to the World Bank, IMF and other valuable organizations. The first world leaders who so generously assisted these countries to build a better future for their people must take a firm stance against the bullying tactics of these thieves.

The words uttered by Kofi Annan, a remarkable man who sees the truth on the African Continent, should not be ignored.


Written by Laura Oneale

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