Amazon Rainforest “Sacred Science” Online Screening Free for Two More Days

Amazon Rainforest “Sacred Science” Online Screening Free for Two More Days
Amazon Rainforest “Sacred Science” Online Screening Free for Two More Days

A place of great importance on the planet Earth, and probably the most crucial area in dire need of protection is the Amazon Rainforest.  The ecology and biology alone represent the most diverse and awe inspiring ideas and natural details that human beings are capable of perceiving.  At the forefront of these ideas are the powerful medicines that few people even know exist, and even fewer realize are capable of accomplishing things that most believe to be impossible or a form of alchemy.  A documentary film The Sacred Science discusses in depth these very medicines and those who in conjunction with wisdom passed down for thousands of years are able to use them to heal even things that Western medicine has deemed incurable.  And luckily, this amazing documentary will be screening online for free for two more days until October 17th (link at bottom).

Each and every person has the ability to transcend the physicality of life, which many refer to in psychedelic circles as “breaking through.”  This sort of breakthrough, also referred to by the musical band “The Doors” within popular culture in their song “Break on Through,”  can free someone of the shackles of illness, anger, depression, or anything holding them back from peace.  To the skeptical observer or religious fundamentalist, anything involving psychedelics is often relegated to the realm of magic, or more simply something viewed as a side attraction but devoid of anything genuine that can affect actual change in what is commonly understood as reality.  They lump psychedelics in with the category of drug use, and view indigenous tribes as a collection of substance abusers and are not willing to accept even the remotest possibility that their practices are real.  These indigenous medicine men, typically called shamans or curanderos, are not preachers asking someone to give them money based on faith or a promise of protection from damnation, but are actual doctors in the strictest sense of the word.

The Amazon Rainforest is home to countless species of insects, plants, and creatures so brilliantly formed and colored that even the most talented computerized art studio would have difficulty recreating their appearance.   Along with this large number of insects and creatures comes a large amount of parasites that spend their existence on the microscopic level.  Some of these indigenous tribes have survived for thousands upon thousands of years without any form of modern medicine, using plants from the rainforest as their only medicine.  The basis of all these medicines is ayahuasca, which is considered the mother teacher of the plant kingdom and has been cleaning parasites for generations dating back before history books.  This is not a coincidence, and the fact that it is not a well-known fact that most Western medicine contains active ingredients that are directly derived from Amazonian plants is also not coincidental.  The sad truth is that Western medicine’s primary goal is to treat symptoms and not to provide cures freeing an individual from dependence on pharmaceutical medications.  That is obviously not new information, but the fact that so many ignorant people view the Amazonian shamans and curandero as witch doctors and lunatics is not only deeply saddening, but hypocritical seeing as how most powerful medicines owe their origin to that region.  The Sacred Science does a tremendous job of illuminating these ideas and the importance of the Amazon Rainforest; it definitely should not be missed.    

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Written by Michael Blain

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