An Open Letter to Houston Re: Matt Schaub

Applauding an injury to your own quarterback? Really...

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It is a rare thing to be an NFL quarterback and not have your home crowd on your side. Eli Manning of the New York Giants is shouldering so much responsibility for their lackluster season that he is breaking his own back. Around him, his teammates, coach, family and yes, his home crowd support him.

Even Josh Freeman got some props when he was allowed to play in Tampa Bay.

So why is it that here in Texas, one of the most football-intensive states in the union, we cannot support a quarterback who has given us seven years of his life, his skill and his dedication?

Texans players came out to support Schaub after this latest insult. They call the reaction on Sunday “barbaric” and “tasteless,” “disgusting” and said the people reacting have “no class.” Other players simply do not want to be associated with such a virulent group of people.

On Sunday, when Matt Schaub left the game in the third quarter with an ankle injury, just enough “fans” applauded to inflame the entire Houston Texans team. That applause got a bit louder when backup T. J. Yates got on the field, and quickly died when Yates threw his own pick-6.


So Houston, and I mean those of you who have so enthusiastically advocated this changing of the guard, now that you have what you wanted, how do you like it?

For weeks Schaub has endured abuse from so-called fans at a time when anyone would need support. He has not fired back. He has not stooped to your level. He has maintained his dignity and suffered in silence.

Now, with this physical injury added to the undoubtedly mental anguish of the entire situation, one must wonder if he will even want to come back.

And why would he?

The thing that is most disturbing is that many of you do not even believe yourselves wrong. You are self-righteous and self-consumed. This man has done nothing to deserve a Facebook page dedicated to benching him. He has not earned the displeasure of a man on his property telling him what a terrible quarterback he is. He is not a proper scapegoat for the issues with the Houston Texans.

Step outside your small minds for a moment, and take a look around at something other than your own four walls.

With everything going on in today’s world, with all the violence and war, all the internal struggling, all the family issues we all face day in and day out, why in the world would you choose to use this man as the root of all your angst?

Like all of you, he is human. Like all of you, he is not always as good at his job as he could be. No one is immune to misfortune.  In the case of Schaub, his misfortune is being targeted by low-minded juveniles like yourselves in the midst of everything else.

You do not know this man. You cannot know what his emotional or mental state is at any given moment. He is not an empty doll designed to fulfill your desires for football victory.

Now that you have Yates as the Texans’ quarterback, now that he too has “failed” you, will you turn on him? Will you demand he be benched? Will you launch a concentrated campaign to make him so miserable he can’t focus on doing the job you so much want to see done?

How dare you display such callous disregard for another human being? On the national stage, in front of your fellow Houston citizens, you have stripped yourselves down to the marrow, and been found seriously lacking.

You are the bottom feeders of society and I feverishly hope the rest of the country does not link your abhorrent actions to the majority of Texans fans.

By: Brandi Tasby



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