Sandra Bullock Gets Musical on Jonathan Ross Show (Video)

Sandra Bullock Gets Musical on Jonathan Ross Show

Sandra Bullock got all musical on the Jonathan Ross Show Saturday night on English television. The ITV talk show, featured Sandra; Tom Hanks; Cilla Black; and James Arthur. The 49 year-old actress was on the show to promote her latest film Gravity, which costars George Clooney.

Bullock has been tipped to be nominated for an Oscar for her portrayal of a female novice astronaut who gets separated from her colleague Clooney. The film has been getting rave reviews almost universally from critics. The film will not open in the United Kingdom until November 7.

After showing a clip from the film, the actress spoke about working on the film and the incredible technology that had been developed just to make the movie. As usual Ms Bullock was entertaining as well as amusing. The subject of rapping was brought up by the host as he asked about the rapping contests that Bullock and other members of the cast and crew took part in.

Playing an music intro to the Sugarhill Gang track Rapper’s Delight, Ross asked the star if she could remember the words to the song. After admitting that she could remember a lot, the star got to give the audience a rendition of the rap song. You can see Sandra rapping in the following video after she asked Ross to “give her some beats, Yo!”

After Ms Bullock finished, Ross continued the musical theme of the show with his next guest Cilla Black who is a perennial favorite with the British public. Tom Hanks was guest number three and he talked about his recent diabetes diagnosis and , like Sandra, the 57 year-old star was on the show to promote his latest effort, Captain Phillips.

Based on a true story, Hanks’ film is about a cargo ship boarded by Somali pirates and their captain, Phillips, was taken hostage. The real captain was rescued by US Navy Seals. Hanks spoke about the actors he worked with and neither he or Ross broached the subject of claims that the film was based on falsehoods.

Inevitably the subject of of Hanks’ film Big was broached and the actor showed off his rapping skills from his work in the film. Immediately after performing the “Big rap” Ross uncovered a “floor piano keyboard” a la Big for Hanks to play.

After Hanks and Ross played around on the piano, Sandra Bullock came back out on stage from the green room and joined the actor on the giant keyboard. The Gravity star came out wearing a pair of very high heels and black short-shorts. Hanks asked if it was a good idea for her to play chopsticks on the keyboard in her high heels.

Bullock responded that the heels were not a problem and the two then joined to play a chopsticks duet. Sandra Bullock, it seems, can really do everything. She not only rapped on the show but proved that she could play a giant keyboard, with her feet.

Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock both got musical on the Jonathan Ross Show, singly, and together. You can see their duet on the video below. It has to be said, that not only is Ms Bullock a very talented performer, but she pulled off wearing those small shorts very well.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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