Water Ionizers Can Cause More Harm Than Good (Video)

Water Ionizers

The body is made up of 90 percent water. It is important, therefore, to know what type of water is best to consume. One kind, made from water alkalizing machines or water ionizers, has become a huge fad over the years but there is strong evidence they could cause more harm than good.

Alkaline water is made with a machine by separating the water into acid and alkaline through electrolysis. Their popularity started in Japan in the late 70s.

A common belief is that illness is caused by an acidic body; therefore, the theory became putting massive amounts of alkaline water into the system would cure any illness. That seems logical but there are many factors that go against that thinking in regards to artificially-raised PH water.

First, drinking much machine-made alkaline water disrupts the digestive system by cutting down on the acids in the stomach where digestion occurs. That can then lead to ulcers and other problems.

Too much artificial alkaline water can also lead to heart trouble, nervousness and anxiety, bladder problems and side pains due to too much alkalinity in the upper bowels.

However, drinking water that is naturally alkalized will not create an overly-alkaline body, even when consumed in large amounts.

Dr. Robert Gilles, a tumor researcher, says tumors create their own acidity and are not affected by surrounding alkalinity. In fact, the opposite is true– cancer is destroyed by acidity. We’re not talking about the acidity that comes from junk food, however.

For example, massive amounts of Vitamin C, which is acidic, have been shown to cure cancer; it kills cancer cells without harming good cells.

Many people claim they were cured of cancer, diabetes, obesity and other illness by drinking massive amounts of alkaline water. That’s hard to dispute unless you consider the reason might be because they were merely drinking more water, especially after buying water ionizers like the trendy Kangen machine at $4,000 to $6,000 a pop. I’m sure, at that price, many people are thinking they’d better get their money’s worth and guzzle gallons of the stuff.

So, if you look at the mere fact they were drinking more water, who’s to say they would not have been cured drinking other types of water? (Except tap water, of course.)

There’s a story of an army doctor who ran out of medicine and advised his patients to just drink water. Most of them were cured. I doubt he had one of those alkaline machines on hand.

Water can be naturally or artificially ionized. The problem with machine-made alkaline water is the body is not getting naturally-occurring calcium and magnesium. What happens then is drinking demineralized water will result in an extreme loss of bone density. That’s because the body is forced to pull the calcium from the bones in order to provide the system with this vital nutrient. So more harm than good can be done with water ionizers.

These companies that sell water ionizer machines are operating on the data that the body needs a PH of 7.0 to 8.0, generally. However, water flowing from natural mountain springs can be as low as 6.5 – and full of minerals. It is the minerals in the water which buffer the acidity and are responsible for the PH level. The PH factor is not as important as vital minerals.

An artificially-raised PH is called an unstable PH because it is not in harmony with the mineral content. Therefore, over time, it will revert back to the PH it originally had.

Dr.Mercola says the benefits of this artificial water only last for a month due to detoxification and after that, it becomes harmful.

One reason for that is water goes through the water ionizer and passes over titanium and platinum plates to make it alkaline; these are very toxic chemicals which, after a few months, can create problems in the body.

Added to that, the water ionizers do not filter out toxins like fluoride in the water which is extremely harmful to the body. Whatever benefit there might be from water made more alkaline can be wiped out by the toxins. In the end, machine-made alkaline water may be little better than tap water.

Science writer Brian Dunning says the body’s acidic level is not affected by what you eat or drink. In other words, if you eat more acidic food, the body will produce less acid and if you eat more alkaline food, it will create more acids. The body knows how to heal itself and keep a balance – assuming we don’t abuse and overwhelm it with processed and GMO food.

A major reason for this over-emphasis on alkaline water is due to the really bad diet many people eat – a very acidic diet. Therefore, alkalized water seems to be a good solution. But it is artificial; a much better plan is to get back to basics and eat healthy, nourishing food, especially fruits and vegetables which are very alkalizing.

Water flows down the mountains and picks up minerals from the rocks; that’s what we should be drinking – unadulterated, unaltered, life-giving water, however you can get it, not from water ionizers which can cause more harm than good. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

By: Lucille Femine


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