Another Incident in Washington: Man Sets Self on Fire

A man sets himself on fire in Washington

In the last several days many bizarre events have been taking place in Washington including but not limited to a shooting on a military base and a crash into the capitol gate followed by a shooting but in the most recent of events a man reportedly set himself on fire at a national mall near the capitol on Friday afternoon. Witnesses report that the man apparently poured gasoline on himself before igniting the fire. The incident happened between the Air and Space Museum and the National Gallery. It is said that the flames were visible from the capitol and many stood nervous nearby.

After the recent incidents in Washington many businesses were closed for security purposes, leaving residents few places to be.  As a witness reported being in the mall only because of the local area shutdowns it was to the surprise of many that yet another area in Washington was also not a safe place to be as a man set himself on fire in front of many. One witness reported that law enforcement was not contacted for a while as everyone was in too much of a shock and many were catching the footage with their cell phones.

Others who were near the man begin trying to help him by taking off their shirts and attempting to put out the fire. The man then thanked the men who ran to his aid and was taken in a helicopter to the MedStar Washington Hospital Center. At least 80% of his body was burned. Officials are still unsure why the man set himself on fire.  The man has not yet been identified.

Many witnesses who were in the park at the time commented on the shock that the incident brought to them. Many were unsure of what to do in the situation as they were not sure if this was an act of terrorism or another strike from a delusion citizen. Some thought it was initially a performance or stunt rather than an act of crime. But many believe it was clear that the man set himself on fire intentionally.  But was this a suicidal move, a terrorist attack, or coerced? Some believe it is hard to label the incident as intentional from a man who thanked joggers for putting the out the fire that was burning his body. One witness nearby happened to have a tripod and filmed the event as it occurred. Footage has just recently been released and several images of the man were taken at the time. For those witnesses who had children in the area the event was more than disturbing.

Officials say that the man, while in critical condition, is breathing and is still alive. He suffered many life threatening burns.

A man setting himself on fire is hardly the first incident experienced recently by Washington but will it be the last incident this year? Many are unsure of whether Washington is a current target just waiting to experience more attacks or if these incidents in the order occurred are simply coincidence. One thing is certain –  residents of Washington are on edge as the events keep rolling out.

Written by: Crystal Boulware

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6 Responses to "Another Incident in Washington: Man Sets Self on Fire"

  1. Anthony Platt   October 5, 2013 at 2:00 am

    Why would you put a fire out on a guy who lit himself on fire? That seems an egregious breach of his bodily autonomy. Great, now you’ve forced him to live a life of agony and horror, in which his body is mangled beyond repair. Oh, what a noble act. Let the man make his political point and move on. American dolts. This is apparently the only resistance left to the empire. Can’t get within a thousand feet of any elected official or banker without getting riddled with bullets so people are killing themselves. Can’t do anything to stop the tyranny, so people are literally burning themselves alive. What’s the difference anyhow? Alive and powerless versus dead and powerless. And all the media can say is: “this man is crazy”, “all is well in America”, “the economy is recovering”, “we’re finally arriving at our multiracial utopia because we’re finally turning our backs on our racist past”, “Miley is just expressing herself”. Blah, blah, blah. Pure corporate Marxist propaganda. These people will lie about anything. Their commitment is to deception. True is false, regress is progress, stupidity is genius, nonsense is creativity, tyranny is security, totalitarianism is healthy because we can’t have “hate” speech. When people are setting themselves on fire, the Republic is on fire. If you don’t know this country is in big, big trouble, there’s a guy literally on fire right now at the National Mall. He burned himself alive. That should tell you all you need to know.

  2. 333maxwell   October 4, 2013 at 7:43 pm

    I can only imagine the Speaker of the house and his band of Sam I Am reading criminal misfits will dismiss this just more game playing.

    Whatever caused this man to go over the edge one thing is certain. Very real people are hurting, and the millionaires on the hill are using their energies and our money fighting for tax cuts for their fat cat friends.


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