Apple iPhone 5s Suffers Crashes and Blue Screens Death (Video)


The Apple iPhone 5s suffers from twice the rates of crashing as the iPhone 5c and 5, and users often experience the Windows-like problem of seeing what’s come to be called a Blue Screen of Death when the newest version of the application software for the iPhone crashes. This annoying problem forces users to have to reboot their iPhones, according to Crittercism, a company which tracks app performance, among other things.

While Andrew Levy of Crittercism has said that there are almost always “issues” whenever there’s a release of “new hardware or software,” given time, “those issues get resolved.” Still, for the consumers who have purchased the Apple iPhone 5s, thinking they are the latest and greatest phone from Apple, these are very unwelcome problems.

As to the crash rate, the Apple iPhone 5s’ crash at a rate of 2%, which is twice the 1% as the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5cs. They are 64-bit, compared to their 32-bit predecessors, which is likely one of the problems behind their crash rate, as app developers have had a year to work out all of the bugs and glitches so their apps will run on the iPhone 5 and 5c, and only since September 20, 2013, to work out any problems using the apps on the iPhone 5s.

And, only a few lucky app developers were able to get an Aple iPhone 5s on September 20. All of the others had to wait like the buying public to purchase one when they became available, so they have had a relatively small amount of time to work out any potential problems.

The so-called Blue Screen of Death that some users have experienced seeing is way too reminiscent of a problem Windows users are familiar with. The blue screens are experienced mostly whenever users attempt exiting the sorts of apps found in Apple’s iWorks productivity suite, such as Pages, Keynote, and Numbers. The iPhone 5s freezes, shows the user the Blue Screen of Death, then it reboots.

Apple’s forums have been filled with talk of this BSOD-then-reboot issue. You can view a YouTube video about this problem, which some consumers have also said they’ve had with FaceTime, Safari, and Chrome.

You wouldn’t think that a program that has issues would take down an entire system or device, like a cell phone; but, in this particular case, that’s exactly what has happened. This occurrence is usually prevented because there’s a “sandboxing” of apps; but, for whatever reason, perhaps the Apple iWorks apps are not sandboxed.

How can users of the Apple iPhone 5s deal with these problems?

Until Apple releases some update or other way to remedy these problems, the BSOD headaches can be dealt with by disabling the iCloud synching for the iWork apps.

This can be done by first going to Settings. Then, select iCloud, and check or toggle off Keynote, Numbers, and Pages in the list of apps which you’ll see.

The Apple iPhone 5s, currently plagued by issues of crashing due to exiting certain apps, and the problems of users being shown the Blue Screen of Death, has caused many consumers to be less than happy with their purchases. However, given enough time, these problems will be resolved — in the meantime, the above remedy will hopefully alleviate some of the headaches consumers of the Apple iPhone 5s are facing.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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