Bill De Blasio Blasts Republicans in NYC


New York City’s Democratic mayoral candidate, Bill De Blasio, blasted city Republicans for not caring about municipal concerns. In an appearance at a local church he railed against the Republican Party saying his political opponent should defect from the GOP. Joe Lhota, the front runner for the Republican Party had a few choice words for De Blasio’s remarks.

“Being told you’re working against the interests of New York City by Bill de Blasio is like being called ugly by a toad,” said David Laska, GOP Party spokesman. De Blasio’s proposal to increase taxes for the wealthy to pay for universal Pre-K in the city was heavily criticized by the Republicans. Laska’s defense of Lhotat is indicative of the Republican Party’s policies as it relates to NYC politics.

“I don’t understand, in this day and age, how someone could continue to be Republican and say that they want to help New York City move forward,” De Blasio said after the service in Bedford-Stuyvesant. He expressed his views of Lhota and his party’s brand of politics to constituents concerned about the future of the city’s welfare.

Bill de Blasio went on to blast NYC Republicans along with Lhota by saying, “Republicans like him should have long ago fought back against negative trends in their party. He should have considered leaving the Republican Party.” Many critics view De Blasio as a flip-flopper who, just last week, made comments which painted him in the light of a Republican.

His views on fiscal matters seemed confusing to the average constituent. In a business meeting, he made reference to his ideology as a fiscal conservative but later said he was a fiscally responsible progressive. Many Republicans believe he is all politics and unable to grasp the fiscal issues of the city’s economic process.

“If he can’t come up with that money without raising taxes, he is unfit to manage a Starbucks, let alone New York City,” said Laska. It is noted that Joe Lhota was the former deputy mayor and budget director of New York City. Republicans are of the opinion that Lhota is capable of implementing any program without raising taxes in the city.

Lhota supports the existence of charter schools and believes De Blasio is unfairly attacking that type of education resulting in unnecessary economic modifications. “Charter schools are working and we should be expanding school choice for parents, not limiting it,” said Lhota. “There is no way he can be concerned about breaking the cycle of poverty while being opposed to charter schools.”

As observers stand by as Bill De Blasio blasts NYC Republicans, many are skeptical of his campaign promises for the proposed universal pre-K program. It was reported the governor planned to cut taxes in the next budget year and this could be a real issue for De Blasio moving forward. Politcs in NYC will certainly heat up as elections near its closing date.

By Thomas Barr

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