Boehner and Obama – He Said, He Said

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Day eight of the government shutdown has the Republicans still posturing and as this continues, many Americans are getting tired of the show. Today was a day of “he said, he said” finger-pointing and continued blame-placing. A country sitting in a heap of debt, furloughs and now childish tattle-telling, speaks volumes about where we stand— divided still.

Tuesday President Barack Obama re-stated his refusal to negotiate until the debt ceiling is raised and the government shutdown is ended.  With a first-time US default looming, the president was opening the door for a beginning to an end. On figurative bended knee, President Obama pleaded with Congress to pay its bills, and at one point looked directly into the eyes of Americans and apologized. As he blamed the Republicans and Boehner for this seeming well-planned turn of events, many Americans joined in unified agreement with Obama.

House Speaker John Boehner and his league of extraordinary Republicans, has pointed the finger right back at President Obama and the Democrats since the months leading up to this shutdown and today was no exception.

Defiant and noticeably aggravated, Boehner spoke at his own press conference shortly after President Obama; Boehner dismissed the president’s request for “unconditional surrender” from Republicans. He followed that by saying, “That’s not the way our government works.” Well, Speaker Boehner, our government is not working now to any degree, so perhaps it’s time to try it Obama’s way.

The day was spent going back and forth, blaming and refusing to cooperate or bend by both sides. In his press conference, Obama made accusations of extortion by extreme members of the House of Representatives. He also implied that members of the House were “forcing” John Boehner to make threats concerning our country’s economy. The tension in both of these men was obvious and a little disheartening.

Earlier Tuesday morning President Obama made a call to John Boehner telling him he would not negotiate while the shutdown and an economic catastrophe were hanging overhead, then he reiterated this sentiment during his press conference.

Obama made it clear to the American people and to the House Republicans that economic chaos will ensue and cause the nation’s credit-rating and cost of borrowing money, to reach peak, devastating levels. “There’s nothing fiscally responsible about that,” he said. He reminded those who oppose re-opening the government that the American People are already hurting from this disaster and that many federally-funded programs have reached a state of havoc. Some Head Start programs have already shut down; and many home owners and mortgage companies are being turned away by nervous lenders.

In Boehner’s quick, heated press conference rebuttal, the only clear message to the president was what Obama and many Americans already have surmised: The president must negotiate. The bullying tactics brought on by this Republican Party bear a close resemblance to that of a group of terrorists. The Boehner-Obama “he said, he said” has gone on long enough. It is time for the Republican Party to understand that this country and certainly this president, has not and will not negotiate with terrorists.



Written by: Amy Magness Whatley


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